Are you voting?

Elections for Prime Minister are on Monday! I know a lot of people have their own personal opinion as to who they are going to vote for, but I want to share my opinion.

It’s important to look at the BIG picture. Not just the small picture, like the local people who you vote for who represent different political parties. What about the BIG picture? It’s also important to see what the candidates are believing. What about different issues? Like abortion, terrorism issues, etc. Do they believe that dictatorship would be good for our country? I’m going to say this though- I can’t vote quite yet, but if I could, it would be conservative. I know that they aren’t perfect, but they are pretty good, and Stephen Harper isn’t perfect either, but he would actually take a stand to protect our country. Don’t you see how we need that these days? I honestly do not think that Justin Trudeau would do that.

Sure, some candidates in particular say that they want what’s best for our country, but is their best for our best? If your’re voting, I suggest you seriously think about who would be the best for our PM. Here are some links to different articles:


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