Devotional three: Thankfulness

10-year old Joshua Bradley skipped up the stairs after playing his video game for an hour. He had just created a survival world on Minecraft, and he had been super excited about it. It was Christmas Eve, and the snow flurries were swirling around outside like a snow globe being shook upside down. Josh loved this time of year– the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holiday, the presents.What Josh loved most about Christmas were presents– gifts of any sort, really. Well, not girly stuff like Ava gets for Christmas, he thought. He walked into the kitchen where his mother, Mrs. Bradley, was making gingerbread cookies with icing. Joshua hastened his pace towards the first batch of cookies that was cooling on the stove and breathed in the scent of cookies. His mouth watered hungrily. “Mom, can I please have a cookie? They smell so good.” His mother looked up from the cookie dough she was putting on a cookie sheet to bake in the oven. She wiped a bead of sweat from her forehead and gave a tired smile to Joshua. “Sure, honey. After that, though, could you please set the table? It would be greatly appreciated.” “Awesome, Mom, thanks. Sure, I can set the table as well.” He snatched the cookie up and finished it off in three bites. Then he grabbed the plates from the cupboard and and put out the cutlery. Last of all, he set out the cups. They all ate a good dinner and then Joshua went to sleep. The next morning, Joshua, who was so excited to open the gifts, jumped out of bed at 6:00 A.M. He ran into his sister’s room, Ava, and cried out happily, “Ava!! It’s Christmas morning!! Get up, get up ,get up!” Ava turned over and mumbled something about cheese, but then she seemed to comprehend what her younger brother was saying. She sat up with a start and said,”It’s Christmas morning! Oh, hurry, Josh, go wake up Mom and Dad while I get dressed!” Josh ran out of the room and knocked hastily on his parents’ bedroom door. “Mom, Dad! Time to get up! It’s Christmas morning!” “We know, Joshua,” he heard his father say,”We heard you all the way from Ava’s room.” The door soon opened and the little family made their way down to the family room where the tree and gifts were. Joshua squealed in delight and both Ava and Joshua ran to the tree and looked for their gifts. “Wait,” their father said a bit sternly. “You know that gifts are nice, kids, but we haven’t put what should be before anything. We are going to read the Bible, and then we are going to sing and pray, thanking God for everything.” “Good, idea, honey,” Barbara Bradley said softly. Mr.Bradley opened the Bible to Luke chapter 2. He began reading: “In those days a decree went out…….” Once they had finished reading, Mr. Bradley asked Ava,” Ava, will you please get the hymnals? They’re on the ledge.” Ava retrieved the hymnals and they joyfully sang a few songs. Once they had finished that, Mr. Bradley closed in prayer. “Lord, thank you for sending your Son to earth. We didn’t and still don’t deserve your mercy, love and grace. Thank you so much for saving us from our sins. Please bless today and help us to grow and mature with your help and grace. In your name, Amen.” Joshua realized he wasn’t truly thankful for Jesus coming to earth. Before he opened his eyes, he silently prayed,” Dear Jesus, thankyou so much for coming to earth. Please forgive me for not being thankful. In your name, amen.” It was simple, but heartfelt, and Joshua felt a surge of happiness inside him. They all had a great morning, opening gifts, and laughing, but being truly thankful for Jesus coming to earth.

2 Corinthians 9:15

Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift!


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