Racing for Time-Chapter 2

Please, Mama, don’t let me die. Die? What happened? Where am I? 

All those thoughts and questions blazed through Janefer’s mind as she stared, unseeing, into the darkness. One question in particular sent little alarms buzzing off in her head.

Why can’t I see?

She couldn’t make out any sounds to talk. She was in utter darkness. Janefer then started to remember bits and pieces of what had happened. The race, the car, the darkness. Her memory was foggy and her head felt like it had been spinning on a never-ending roller coaster.

Then she remembered. Mel! Is she still in the car? Where is she? Why can’t I hear her? Is she–No! She can’t be-dead? No, it’s not possible.

Another voice in her head told her it was very possible. Mel might not have made it. Janefer tried to feel around, but all she felt was something sticky. Blood. Mel! Her mind screamed while her voice remained silent.

“Mhhmm.” Mel groaned in her seat. Janefer could hear her, but her eyes were staring into inky darkness. She felt around for where she could unbuckle Mel’s seat belt. After unbuckling her seat belt, Janefer de-tatched her own seat belt and craned her head around to try to find a cloth or something to stop the bleeding, wherever the injury was.

This is pathetic. I can’t speak or see. What in the world is going on? There’s no point to try to see anything when I can’t see. Wait, I know what I’ll do. I have to find my cell phone. Yeah, that’s it. Now, where is it?

Janefer fumbled around for her purse. Ah, here it is! Now, if I can just find my cell phone. Oh, here it is! 

She pressed the buttons she thought were 911 and dialed.

“911, what is your emergency?” Janefer couldn’t speak. She tried with all of her strength, but couldn’t speak. She only managed out a little”Mhm”

“Hello? Ma’am? Are you still there? Can you tell me your location? Ma’am?” The 911 operator was frantic, an obvious sign they were busy.

“Mhm.” Janefer squeaked out one more time before pressing the ‘off’ button on her cell phone. Another thought sped through her mind.

Why isn’t anyone here? We were at the track! There were loads of people here! 

She felt dizzy and passed out.

1 hour later:

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. A hospital monitor beeped rhythmically. Am I in a hospital? Where’s Mel? She turned her head slowly, but realized she couldn’t see. The world was still in blackness.

“Is anyone there?” She surprised herself by being able to speak.

“Oh, honey,” her Mother crooned,”You’re awake! Thank God! Are you all right? How do you feel?”

“What happened, Mom? Why can’t I see? Where’s Mel?” Janefer felt alone and confused. There was a long stretch of silence before her mother answered.

“Why don’t I get the doctor and he can tell you? I’ll be right back.”

“No, Mom, please, just tell me yourself! I don’t want to talk to a doctor!” She knew she was acting immature, but she couldn’t help it.

“Honey,” Her mother spoke calmly, “I’m going to get a doctor, and he can tell you. He might be able to explain it better than me.”

Janefer heard her mother leave the room and she let out a sigh. I guess luck wasn’t on my side this time. Her mother returned soon after, bringing with her a doctor. “Miss Davis? I’m Doctor Fitzgerald.”

“Yes, what happened?” Janefer was getting impatient. “You see, you suffered a severe blow to the head, and you somehow lost your sight. We still need to run some tests to determine the cause of that factor. You suffered some other injuries, mostly minor, but otherwise I’d say you were very lucky.”

“Doctor, it definitely was not luck. My daughter was saved by the mighty hand of God.” Mrs. Davis was calm, but firm.

“Blind?” Janefer couldn’t believe the news. “Is it temporary? Will I be able to see again?”

“As I said, we need to run more tests to determine that,” Doctor Fitzgerald concluded. “What about my friend, Mel?” Janefer inquired.”She was in the car with me.”

“Well,” Doctor Fitzgerald started. Janefer could tell by the tone of his voice that the news were not good. She could feel her skin turn pale.

“Doctor, what happened?”




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