Racing for Time- Chapter 3

“Doctor? Please, I need to know. Tell me!” Janefer was urgent. She could hear the doctor speaking softly to her mother. Janefer couldn’t hear most of what was said, but she got a few pieces of the conversation.

“Should I……..Would it be wise….. hazardous……devastating for her?”

What are they whispering about? Is there something about Mel that they’re not telling me because of my condition? For crying out loud, I’m tough, I can handle it! 

“Miss Davis?” Doctor Fitzgerald asked softly. “Are you okay?”

“Huh? Oh, um, yeah. I guess. Are you going to tell me about Mel?” The doctor sighed deeply and cleared his throat.

“Miss Davis, Mel has suffered several severe injuries.”

“What sort of injuries? Concussion? Sprained ankle? Bruises and scratches? What, Doctor?”

He sighed once again and she could tell he was hesitant to relay the news to her. “Miss Davis, Mel has suffered two broken legs, bruises and scratches, and a gash on her head that needed stitches. We already set both legs and we had to put her through surgery to insert the plates into her legs to hold the bones in place.”

Mrs.Davis gasped and put a hand to her throat. “Oh, my! How awful! That poor girl!”

Janefer fought valiantly to hold back the coming tears. “She will be fine, doctor, right? I mean she’s no body builder, but she’s tough, she can handle it!” She’ll be fine, I know she will, she’ll pull through, I mean, broken legs? It’s not something people die from. She’ll be fine–I hope. Janefer repeated those thoughts over and over.

“Miss Davis, I’ll speak to you plainly concerning this matter. It will be a long recovery process. She may have to use a cane, and she will definitely not be able to walk for at least 4-6 months, maybe longer. There’s one other thing, but I’ll leave you to rest; it is most likely to much for you to handle at this moment. I have to make my rounds.”

“Doctor? One more thing: can I visit her? Please? I mean, she’s my friend, and her mother is in Vancouver.”

“Maybe sometime later, Miss Davis, I’m afraid she probably wouldn’t respond at this moment. She is under heavy pain killers, and will be very drowsy and sleepy.”

Doctor Fitzgerald left the room and her mother walked him out to ask him further questions. Janefer then broke the barrier that was holding back her tears and sobbed. You know, your mom is right. God did help you. Luck has nothing to do with it, a voice insisted in her head. Janefer refused to believe it. She stuck her chin out and said defiantly, “If God allows something like this to happen, then I don’t want to trust in Him for my life. Luck is simply on my side sometimes and other times, it isn’t.” A sudden thought struck her like an 18-wheeler. It was something the doctor said.

“There is one other thing.” What other thing? Is there something about Mel I should know about? Are her injuries more extensive than I imagined? One other thing, who was the person who hit us? He or she obviously saw us and didn’t care, or did it for a reason- on purpose, maybe? 

The thought sent shivers down her spine and a tingle to her fingers and toes. The door opened. Janefer screamed.


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