Racing for time-Chapter 4

“Hey, are you okay?” The screaming stopped. “Are you okay?” the voice insisted again.

“Wha- what? Who are you?” Janefer was confused. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t even introduce myself. I’m Audrey, the nurse who was assigned to a-”

Audrey shuffled through some papers,”Oh, yes, to a Miss Janefer Davis. Is that you?”

Yes, that’s me. The blind girl who screams at every single opening of door. Yes, oh, yes, that’s me! 

“Yes, I’m Janefer.” She sighed.

“Great!” The bubbly nurse chattered on and on, while she was adjusting Janefer’s IV and pillows, about how her car was in always in the mechanic’s garage and how she hates the colour pink, or how she never really wanted to work in a hospital because of its smell.

“I never really understood why they used that scent of disinfectant until Morris told me,” Audrey continued. “He says it’s because they ‘think it’s better for the welfare of the environment’ or some such technical term. I know, I’m a nurse, I should know these things, but seriously, who studies the reasons for disinfectant?” She stopped. “I’m boring you, aren’t I?” She sighed. “I’ve been told I come across as insensitive to people’s conditions.”

“No, it’s fine!” Janefer protested heavily. “I actually don’t mind it at all. It’s a bright spot to the other depressing chatter I’ve been hearing from the doctor and all the other hospital staff.”

“Oh!” Audrey brightened and continued on with her chatter as she wrote some notes on her clipboard. “Morris sends his condolences….” Her voice faded as Janefer slipped into her own thoughts.

Morris….. hmmm… Morris? Who’s Morris? Her father? No, she wouldn’t call her father ‘Morris’. Boyfriend maybe? And why would he send his condolences? 

“Audrey?” Janefer’s voice interrupted Audrey’s chatting. “Who is Morris?”

“Oh, my, I completely forgot introduce him. He’s my boyfriend. Really sweet guy who has a conscience. Man, you can’t do anything sneaky without him calling you out on it. It sometimes drives me nuts, but I can see it really is a special gift–a sensitive conscience.”

Janefer drifted back into her thoughts. A sensitive conscience, eh? Hmmm…. could he be the one who hit us? If he is, I know it was on purpose, so could Audrey somehow be protecting him? 

A car horn honked outside and Audrey pranced to the window. “Oh, my ride’s here! It’s probably Morris. I gotta split.”

“Wait! Audrey! I just need to ask you something!” Janefer quickly commanded.

“Fine, but hurry!”

“What’s the colour of Morris’s car?”

“I have to go. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Audrey quickly thrust her scrubs in a nearby garbage can, threw on a sweater, and swung her purse over her shoulder.

“Wait! Just answer my question!” Janefer had to shout.

Audrey opened the door and yelled over her shoulder, “Red!”

It was faint and amidst the business of the hospital, she could barely make out what she had said.

Did she say– red? Janefer furrowed her eyebrows in concentration.

If he does have a red car, Morris could be the culprit who hit Mel and me! 

So, the plot thickens.


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