Racing for Time- Chapter 5

She was screaming. The drugs, which she had thought made her drowsy, caused her to drift off into a deep sleep. However, the sleep wasn’t without dreams. Dreams of someone- something that haunted her very being. The only thing she could see in was her dream. She could see. But only in her dreams.

Janefer awoke shivering, her hospital gown soaked with sweat. The room was dark, of course, and she didn’t hear much, except for the beeping of the hospital monitor, and her own heart beating. How weird. I’ve never had a dream like that. It was probably just the drugs they used, or something. 

Janefer frowned, remembering the nurse, Audrey, and how her boyfriend, Morris, had a red car. Was he the one who hit us? It had almost seemed like Audrey was protecting him. No, it’s impossible. Audrey is a nurse. If only I could see. I might be able to identify his car and see if it is the one that hit us. Another question:  Why did he or she hit us? Maybe I’m wrong: Maybe it was just an accident. But still, it’s a viable question.

All of the thinking and questions made Janefer’s head spin. She needed tea or something to help with her frazzled nerves. Janefer felt around on the side of her hospital bed to try to find the call button for the nurse. She finally found it and pressed it. The nurse came into the room several minutes later. Janefer had heard the swish, swish of the doors as the nurse came in, so she was prepared.

“Can I get you something, honey? Do you want me to call your mama?” The nurse spoke in a soft southern accent, although it sounded tired.

Janefer was irritated by how the woman had offered to call her mother. She could feel the ache of her muscles even just sitting up straight.

“Um, yes. Could I have some tea? And maybe an Advil or something to help with my soreness?”

“Sure, honey; be right back.” The nurse padded away softly and exited the room. Janefer leaned back on the soft bed and, for the first time in her life, she felt alone, unhappy, afraid, and out of control. She was used to being “in control”. She wanted to run and be happy, and not have to worry about never being able to see again. She desperately wanted to see Mel, and her father, who was in the hospital. She wanted to hold his hand and look into his dark brown eyes and find comfort and reassurance. Janefer felt tears coming to her eyes. Why do I feel like this? This is crazy. I’m tough. I- I can overcome. I’ll be able to see again. There was a question deep in her heart that had worried her and caused her to not eat as much, or sleep as much.

Will I? Will I ever be able to see again? I might be wrong. I might never see again. What will I do then? I have no hope! 

There was no use trying to stop the sobs and tears that were coming too quickly now. Janefer didn’t even hear the nurse come in, and she barely heard the words that were supposed to comfort her. “It’s okay, hon. We’re doin’ the best we can for you. Ya’ll be okay.”

Janefer’s tears finally subsided and she dried her eyes with the back of her hand. She blew her nose with the tissue the nurse had given her, then realized the nurse must have other things to do besides hear her cry her eyes out. “You didn’t have to stay,” Janefer tried to keep her voice low and calm. On the inside, she was falling apart.

The nurse gave her the tea and Advil and watched her precariously take a sip of the warm brew before she answered. “I know I didn’t have to, hon, but I felt like I needed to. Honey, no one here you know, except for the doctor and maybe a nurse or two. Your mama can’t be here all the time, so us nurses need to step up, so to speak.”

Janefer realized nurses like that were rare and like gold. “Thank you. I really appreciate your kindness. What’s your name?”

“Melba.” At Janefer’s chuckle, she laughed, but protested. “It really is! I know, I know, isn’t that what you name cars or some such nonsense? Janefer couldn’t stop laughing. Apparently it was hilarious, so Melba joined in the laughter.

“I-I think I’m hysteric,” Janefer wheezed. “Here, hon, breath into this bag.” Janefer did and when she finally calmed down, she finished her tea.

“Thanks for the tea. I needed it.” Janefer sighed contentedly. Her eyelids started to close, sleep drawing her in. She felt Melba tucking another light blanket over her, and whispering,”Sweet dreams, hon.”

Janefer was about to drift into a deep sleep when the door opened and someone briskly walked in. The action had startled Janefer out of her sleepy reverie. She yanked her head up and felt a strange wave of dizziness. “Woah.” Who’s here? She swung her legs over her bed and tried to stand up. A wave of nausea crashed over her and she wavered. Janefer felt a strong hand grip her, but not before she crashed into the monitor, sending her into unconsciousness.


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