Racing for Time- Chapter 6

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. The hospital monitor beeped loudly. Janefer heard faint voices. “All right. Last stitch. Scissors, please. Okay, we’re done here. Mrs. Davis, you can see your daughter now.” Janefer drifted back into her sleepy state.

1 hour later:

Janefer woke up, but her eyes remained closed. Her head, although she was on pain medication, still hurt some, for she felt like she had been hit by a car. “Ohhh.” Janefer groaned as she shifted in her bed. Wow, I can’t just keep myself from getting hurt. 

“Janefer? Are you awake?” Her mother hurriedly came to Janefer’s side. Janefer slowly opened her eyes, even though she knew she probably wouldn’t be able to see. As she opened them, Janefer realized she could see, although extremely blurry at first, her mother’s face! She blinked a couple of times. Her sight was coming back! Each time she blinked it was a little clearer. “Mom! I-I can see!” Janefer was ecstatic. Janefer could tell by her mother’s astonished face that she was in shock.

“What?! Are you serious?” Mrs. Davis stopped. “I’ll go get the doctor. This is wonderful, Janefer!” Mrs. Davis charged out of the room and Janefer could hear her summoning a doctor to quickly come to Janefer’s room. A moment later Doctor Fitzgerald sauntered into the room and came to where Janefer was, her face glowing. “Well, now, let’s see here. You can see?” Janefer nodded. “It was really blurry at first, but now it’s clear. I can see you perfectly.”

“That’s terrific. I’m just going to check and make sure everything is okay, then I’ll go.” The kind doctor checked her eyes with a small light to make sure they were responsive, and he gave her some more pain medication. He was done in less than 5 minutes.  Just before he exited the room, Janefer thought of something and inquired of him,”Doctor? How did I recover my sight?” He stopped and turned to face her,”We believe your accident of crashing into the hospital monitor enabled you to see again. Maybe all you needed was your head to be banged a bit.” He chuckled slightly.

“Oh, wow.” The doctor started to leave again, but Janefer wasn’t quite finished. “Doctor? Can I visit Mel? I mean, it’s been what, two days? How is she doing anyway?”

Doctor Fitzgerald hesitated a moment before answering, but answered confidently. “You may visit her, but only if you are up to it, and if you are allowed by your mother.We performed the operation on her legs already, and she trooped through it with no problem, whatsoever. Mel is slowly recovering, but the process of recovery will be long and tedious.”

Janefer remained silent, although her mother spoke for her. “Thank you, Doctor. We appreciate all that you have done.” The doctor, for the thrice time, again attempted to leave the room, and this time, he did it with success. Once he left, Mrs. Davis set about to puff Janefer’s pillows and straighten her blankets.


“Yes, Janefer?” “Can I go see Mel? Please? I need to. She needs me.” Janefer was aching and tired, but she felt she might be able to walk-just slowly.

Her mother’s tired and red- rimmed eyes from so many nights of crying and fatigue were showing. She had dark circles under her eyes, and she looked thin and pale. “Mother, are you okay? You look awful. You need rest. Why don’t you–”

“No, I’m feeling quite all right; if anything, a bit tired, but that is all. Yes, I think you may visit Melanie. She would probably be glad to see you.”

“Thanks, Mom.” Janefer gave her a small grin, and started to get out of bed. The door opened again and a police officer dressed in blue strode in. Janefer sucked in her breath. He didn’t look very happy. Calm down. He’s not here to arrest you. Janefer tried to reassure herself, but she couldn’t keep from being a bit worried.

“Miss Davis?” He peered over a paper he was holding. He looked confused as they both answered. “Which one of you is Janefer?”

“I am,” Janefer answered slowly. He straightened and flashed his badge. “Ma’am, I’m Detective Jack Whitby with the New York Police Department. I understand you were in a car accident with your friend, Melanie Studd. Is that correct?”

“Yes,” Janefer answered.

“What can you tell me about the crash?”

Janefer told him all that she could remember, about the red car, and if she saw it she might be able to identify it.

“Who do you think would do that to you? Any enemies?”

Janefer frowned. “I don’t think so. Unless someone wanted to hit us for a specific reason. I had just been at the track that day and I won. Maybe someone did it for revenge because they were rooting for the other competitor. Why would someone do this any way? It could’ve been anyone  there for that matter, or it could’ve been someone who came after everyone had left!”

“We have considered some of those options, but we think it might be a chain of attacks planned by a group-” He shuffled through some papers. “They call themselves Aojo. Means “Evil Eye.” Do you know of them?”

“N-no. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that name. Why did you come here, anyway? Besides asking questions and gathering information, that is.”

“Do you know someone by the name of Terrence Li?”

“Um, y-yes. He was the one who was racing with me. Why?”

“Miss Davis, we have good reason to believe he is the one who hit you.”



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