Racing for Time-Chapter 7

“What?! That’s impossible!” Janefer nearly exploded. “Terrence would never do something like that! It was just a friendly competition! What evidence do you have?”

Whitby sighed. “I cannot release any information right now. Although I need to ask you if you have any information at all about Terrence. Where he lives, who are his friends, would be helpful.”

Janefer shrugged. “I don’t know much about him- he goes to college, his best friend is Gordan Mink, he has a pet dog named Joker, and I think he lives on 45 Juniper Lane. I still don’t think he would do that. He had absolutely no reason at all! Unless, he was feigning being happy.”

Whitby listened intently, taking in every particle of information. “Thanks for the info. We’ll contact you if we find out more. Have a good day, ladies.” He nodded, and walked out of the room.

Janefer slumped back, confused. “This is terrifically frightening. I know Terrence wouldn’t do that. Absolutely not.” Her mother spoke for the first time in a while.”Honey, let’s just take it one day at a time and try to sort it out. Don’t get worked up. God will get us through this.”

Janefer scoffed. “God? He is the one who allowed Dad to get sick and be in the hospital. He allowed all of this to happen. If he’s supposedly a just and righteous God, then why would He allow this to happen? Mom, how can you even believe in Someone who you can never see?”

Her mother sat down on the bed and looked deep into Janefer’s eyes. She thought for a moment before speaking. “Janefer. I don’t know all of the ways of God. It says in the Bible that,’O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!’ Sometimes God allows these kinds of things to happen for a reason. We have to trust Him! It may be hard at times, hard to trust, hard to see what God is doing. He has a plan, and if that means taking your father to heaven, then so be it. I can believe because the Bible is true. He is true. I can see God in the things He has made, His creations, His people. Does that give you some answers?”

Janefer stared out the dirty hospital window and sighed. “Maybe.” “Janefer, I can’t change your heart. I will pray for you that God would allow you to see the truth. Any way, would you like to visit Melanie?”

“Um, yeah, I guess. Do you know which room she is in?” Mrs. Davis told her the room number, then loaded her into a wheelchair. She was wheeled down the white-walled halls, with awards and pictures scattered across and nurses talking together while on their way to a patient. Melanie was in room 407. Janefer was quietly allowed inside, where she saw Melanie; her legs elevated, a stitched gash on her forehead, and her face was a bit swollen, but she was still Melanie.

Melanie opened her eyes a crack and saw Mrs. Davis and Janefer.

“Janefer?” She croaked. “Is that you?” Janefer felt choked with sobs. “Yeah, it’s me.” She spoke softly. Wheeling herself over to Mel’s bedside, she took her thin hand in hers.

“I guess I got it worse than you did. You always did get it better.” Janefer knew Mel was trying to lighten the mood, but she knew Mel was hurting.

“Actually, I was temporarily blind, and my head hurt terribly. I recovered my sight when I crashed into a hospital monitor.” Janefer realized she sounded so nonchalant– As if it was just a dream or story. “Really?” Mel quirked one eyebrow. She closed her eyes again. “Have the police found out who hit us? Did you tell them what you know?” She tried shifting and grimaced in pain.

Janefer winced. “They think it’s Terrence. I told them he would never do that, but I don’t think the officer cared.”

“Terrence? Why are they wasting their time on him when the real person who hit us is still out there?” Although Melanie was weak and in pain, she still had a fire in her. Janefer smiled at that.

“I really don’t know. Mel, have you heard of a group called Aojo? It means ‘Evil Eye.’ The officer told us that they could be behind it. We might not be the only hit and run victims.”

“Yeah. I’ve heard of them. Janefer, Aojo is the group that hit my uncle and aunt. My aunt was paralyzed, my uncle, barely alive. They never convicted the group, but I know they did it.”  Mel was growing hoarser and hoarser.

“Mel, you get some more rest, ‘kay? You’ll need it. Just take it easy.” Janefer really did not want Melanie getting worse. She didn’t have to worry though, because Mel was already falling asleep.

When they were outside, Mrs. Davis pitied Melanie. “Oh, the poor girl. Her parents must be worried sick. It’s good that they are able to visit her anytime, though.” When they got back to Janefer’s room, Doctor Fitzgerald was already there, writing notes while he waited for them. “Ah, there you are. Mrs. Davis, would you mind signing these forms? They’re release forms. I think Janefer is recovering quite well, and will be fine to be sent home. Just make sure she doesn’t do anything strenuous too soon.” He winked at Janefer. She was able to give him a half smile, but she was still mulling over the information she had received from Detective Whitby and Mel. Could it really be Aojo? They sound responsible for a lot of accidents. Who is their leader? I wonder. If the police could find the leader, they might be able to stop the whole organization! I’ve got to talk to Detective Whitby! 

As her mother filled out the forms, she though of her father again. I miss him. Maybe mom will let me visit on the way home. Probably not. She might think I’m too fragile. The question kept on bugging her as she was released and on the drive home. Was Morris the one who hit us? Surely not Terrence, but who? Maybe the police are right. He couldn’t have, but there is only one way to find out.




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