Ten Things

So, I was nominated by Victoria for the Ten things Tag.

So here it goes. Here are five things you might not have known or might not know about me:

*I can’t do the splits….. 😛 (yet.. although we’ll see if I’m actually able to do them)

*When I was younger, I would be at the dinner table, eating, and then rush off upstairs and change my clothes I would do this about 1-3 times per day.

*Once, I was selling Barbie books (when I was younger) and I went inside to do something or get something. My older brother had to stay outside with me, because he was, well, older, and while I was inside, he sold a Barbie book to a girl down the street! I came back out and we got, I think, $.50!

*I ate dried fish last year….

*I went skating last year or the year before that, and I fell 13 times…. Yes, I counted!



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