Racing for Time-Chapter 14

Janefer rubbed her eyes. Her head was pounding. “Terrence, I can see why they would have arrested you. You had the motive, but what I don’t get is the opportunity. From what you’ve told me, you and some of your buddies decided to go out for a milkshake to celebrate, right?” Terrence nodded. “I tried to tell the police that I didn’t do it, but it does make sense. Once we had exited the parking lot, we pulled over to the side of the road, because my buddy, Gordan, had to make a phone call.”
Janefer perked up. “Do you remember what the phone call was about?”

Terrence twisted his head to one side. “Not really. Why? Do you think it could have something to do with the accident?”
“It could.” Janefer said. “Are you sure don’t remember anything?”
“Wait. Now that you mention it, I remember Gordan saying something like,’It’s time.’ I didn’t really pay much attention to it, but I now that I remember it, it sounds kinda creepy.” His face twisted, emotions of anger and sadness amongst emotions of hurt. “You don’t think Gordan had anything to do with this, right? I-I mean, he wouldn’t do something like this. I’ve known him for pretty much my whole life!”
Janefer knew their time talking to him was ending. “I’ll mention it to Detective Whitby, tell them what you know. I hate to tell you this, Terrence, but it sounds like Gordan is the one who hit us.”

Terrence’s face started to pucker up, like a child not getting his own way. Janefer had never seen him like this. He was always strong-willed, yet kind, but she had never seen him cry. She softened, realizing she shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions. “Terrence, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions when I don’t have enough evidence. Gordan must be a really great friend, huh?”

Terrence turned away for a moment, then turned his face back to Janefer. “Yeah, he’s a good friend. He wouldn’t do something like this.”
Her mother spoke up behind her. “Janefer, we need to get going soon.”
Janefer sighed. “Okay, but I need to ask Terrence two more things.”
Mrs. Davis nodded, and Janefer spoke into the phone. “Terrence, can you think if Gordan had any grudges against people? Girlfriends, doctors, anything?”

Terrence rubbed his eyes. “There are a couple people that come to mind, but I thought he resolved those conflicts right away. At one point he had a girlfriend, but she broke up with him. His mother died of cancer last year, and that’s kind’ve been hard for him. He was especially mad at the his mother’s doctors, but he went to counseling, and I thought it was all okay.”
Janefer felt as if she was getting somewhere. “Do you know the name of the girlfriend and doctors?”
Terrence shook his head slightly. “Not the girlfriend. I remember one of the doctor’s names, though.”
Janefer prodded him on. “Who was it?”
Terrence’s eyes brightened. “Janefer, it was your dad!”

Janefer nearly fainted. Could Gordan have hit them because he held a grudge against her dad? She managed to reply a shaky “Oh. Well, thanks for the info. I’ll talk to you later”, but her heart raced at the possibilities. She looked at her mother. “We should probably go now.” Terrence nodded and hung up the phone. Janefer did the same. Her steps were weak as she walked back to the car. Once buckled in, she blurted out,”Mom! Do you think this is t-true? I mean, could someone have hit us because of Dad?” Her mother looked at her. She turned her eyes back on the road and sighed. “I’m afraid so. Your father had a lot of people looking for revenge because he couldn’t save their loved ones. It’s terrible, really. Some of the people were Christians. Your father was overwhelmed by the constant battering against him. He probably would’ve had a heart attack or something worse if it wasn’t for the Lord comforting him and helping him.”
Janefer looked out the window, the trees whizzing by. “Mom, why would God let bad things happen to good people? If you and Dad are God’s, why does He let bad things happen? Dad is in the hospital! How has God helped him there? Dad is going to die!” Her voice broke, and she was startled by her own confession. Dad is going to die……. Dad is going to die….. She looked over at her mother, who had tears running down her face. Janefer looked out the windshield. Her heart felt heavy with questions, concerns, doubts, fear, loneliness. “Mom, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have–”
“No, Janefer. I understand. You have questions.We’ll talk when we get inside.”
Janefer felt miserable. “Okay.” Usually, she would have been able to talk to Mel, but Mel was gone, somewhere where Janefer didn’t know. Mel, I’ll find you. Hang in there.


Mel groaned in agony. Her legs were killing her. Whatever pain killers they had been giving her, they weren’t anymore, and she hadn’t eaten since yesterday night. “Lord, please help me! I need you. My legs really hurt right now, and I’m scared. Please give me your peace and comfort.” It didn’t come right away, but gradually, she felt less and less scared, and more trusting. “Lord, please guide the police to finding me, and if I don’t make it out of this alive, please Lord, save Janefer. Please don’t let her be affected by this. Open her heart, and make her see. Please, Lord.” She knew she worried a lot, and as a young teenager, she had a lot of self-confidence issues, but as the Lord grew her, He helped her to trust in Him more, and not to rely on herself. Moving slightly to the right, she closed her eyes and pretended to fall asleep. As the afternoon wore on, she heard voices outside. They were muffled, and Mel struggled to hear. She heard a woman’s voice, unlike the blonde’s, talking to a deep man’s voice. The woman sounded afraid, disillusioned, and confused. As she listened to the voice more, she realized who the woman was! She opened her eyes a slit and tried to grab the phone, but it was too late. The door burst open, and the woman and a man barged in. The last thing she remembered was a darkness settling in, making her unconscious.