The Get to Know Me Tag

Hohoo! I was nominated by Blessing Counter for the “Get to know me Tag.” Thanks so much Blessing!!


P.S. This is a real picture one of my family members took at Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia. Well, I did the dark edges on, and the letters.

Vital Stats 
Name: Olivia! That’s my name, as you all might know from my “about” page.
Nicknames: Jane, Mosse, Moss, Livs, Livia. There might be more!
Place of Birth: Canada!
Best Friends: Oh! My first best friend? That might be some of my family, or a girl from my church whom I met when she was 4 and I was 3.
Award: First award? Hmmmm. I think it was when I was little, and, have you ever heard of AWANA? Any way, I think I won my first award for finishing my book.
Sport: My first sport I did? Ummmumum, maybe swimming?
Real Holiday: first remembered holiday? Ummmmm….. might’ve been my birthday or Christmas?
Concert:  I went to a Nutcracker ballet play when I was younger, and I had my first piano recital 2013 or 2014 for Christmas!
Film: Okay, here goes! These might not all be my favorites, but here goes anyway!
*Beyond the Mask
* Soul Surfer
*Mom’s Night Out
*LOTR and the Hobbit Trilogy
*Anne of Green Gables
TV Shows: 
*Walker, Texas Ranger,maybe
*Sue Thomas, Fbeye, maybe
*MacGyver, maybe
Color: Maybe blue or purple.
Song: My favorite song? Well, could I skip this one? 😉
Restaurant: My favorite restaurant? Maybe Subway, Cracker Barrel, (yes, it’s American! 🙂
Books: My favorite books:
*Some Terri Blackstock books, maybe? (forgive my maybes and mights)
*Body and Soul, by Bethany Hamilton, maybe,
*  Maybe My Escape: Shipwrecked and there might be more! (Everyone, read this book! True story!! :))
* Maybe the Bible. 🙂
Feeling: Right now I might be feeling pretty good.
Single or Taken:  SINGLE!
Eating: I’m not eating anything right now.
Watching: I’m not watching any videos right now.
Wearing: T-shirt, Capris.
Want children: If God wills it for me to get married, then yes.
Want to be married:  Again, if God wills it! 🙂 And, like Blessing said, I won’t have children unless I’m married, so yeah!
Careers in Mind: I might like to go into writing, like maybe a part time author, and maybe being a midwife!
Where you want to live: Maybe somewhere close to my parents. Not too far, but maybe 15 minutes or something.
Do You Believe in
God: Yes.
Miracles: God is all powerful, right? He can do anything.
Love at first sight: Haha, unless the person is a flirty type and falls for anyone he/she sees of the opposite gender, then maybe not…..
Ghosts:  Maybe not.
Aliens: No.
Soul Mates: Uhh, maybe… could someone expand on that?
Heaven: Yes.
Hell: Yes.
Kissing on first date: Uh, I’m going to save my first kiss for marriage.
Yourself: Do I believe in myself? Maybe.
There we go. I tag:
Victoria from Blessed Beyond Measure
Thanks everyone!

One thought on “The Get to Know Me Tag

  1. Good Job Lives 😀 (get it lives) anyways just wnated to sya I never knew that you went to the Nutcracker! How was it (btw I always wanted to go guess, I might go in the future)


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