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Adventure Camp-Day 4

Okay, everyone! Now for day 4. If you want to read day 3, click here.

Day 4 – Wednesday
Third day of camp! Middle of the week, hump day, whatever you want to call it 😉 But it was an extra special day! 😀

How so? 🙂 It showed that we had lived past day 4? xD

Haha, yes, that too. But it was really special because I got to talk to Mrs. S, and during our conversation, she told me that one of my campers had accepted Christ into his heart the previous day. That just totally made the rest of my day! 😀

Oh, yes! They mentioned that during the morning devotions/talk. That’s really great. 🙂

Uh huh! SO happy!

You were a really good leader, B.:) But, praise the Lord that He opened that camper’s heart. 🙂

Aww…thank you for the encouragement, Liv! You were an amazing counsellor too 🙂 And yes, indeed, thank the Lord that He was able to work in his heart! 😀

So, that morning, after the morning talk/devos, we had chapel. Then it was crafts for Blue and Red teams, and the…

BOUNCY CASTLE!!! For Green and Yellow. Wait – wasn’t that Carnival Day?

Nope, it was Bouncy Castle and Carnival day! After the first chapel, it was the Bouncy Castle, then during the second chapel, the CITs and not-head counsellors set up their own games for Carnival. BUT, I am getting ahead of the story, so let’s rewind a little bit. 😉 😀

Hehe, ok. (by the way, we really should try and come up with a different name for the counsellors-that-are-not-head-counsellors 😛 I wonder, can we just call them counsellors?)

Sub-Counsellors? I guess so. 🙂

Okay, so now we know, the people who are neither Counsellors In Training nor Head Counsellors are going to be called Sub-Counsellors 😀

That sounds good! Anyway, we Green and Yellow teams went on the bouncy castles first, while the Red and Blue teams did crafts, which were..

The toilet paper mats and stars, wasn’t it? You cut the paper towel rolls into thin circles, and then glued them together to form anything you wanted. (sorry, I interrupted you again ;))

Oh, yeah, you might be right there! (No problem, that’s totally okay, 🙂

The creativity that day was quite interesting too! One girl made a gift box shaped ornament with her circle/ovals.

Oh really? Yeah, some of the kids are very detail-oriented and creative! So focused. 🙂

Actually that day there was this bee or wasp or whatever. Do you remember? I killed it. I smacked it over and over again… 😛 And another time before that, C was sitting in a chair, and he got stung!

Oh, the poor wasp 😛 Although it probably deserved it. There were a ton of wasps this year :/

Yeah! One of the campers got stung 3 times.. 😦

Oh, how awful! And didn’t Eric get stung twice or something?

Yeah, he did! I think this year was a year with lots of wasps and stings.

Definitely! You won’t believe how many wasps I hit. With my hand. *shudders* It doesn’t feel good 😛 Didn’t get stung though, thankfully!

Yeah, neither did I! 🙂 I have only been stung once, that I know of, and I sat on it when I was a baby/toddler.

Oh my. Poor you!

I don’t remember it. 🙂 Anyway. (Ha, yes. We get off-topic a lot 😛 But it’s so much fun ;)) The counsellors finally got their turn! Girls first!We jumped around like crazy ladies (okay, maybe)

Nah, we were very refined 😛 It’s not hard AT ALL to jump around and do somersaults while still looking very ladylike 😉

Oh, and mature, don’t forget that! xD

Haha, yes. Oh goodness, I’m laughing so hard now 😛 I’m remembering the time we all jumped and sat down at the same time and I ended up on my head xD

Oh, my, BC! How unladylike of you! xD This is so funny. 😀

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. I’m literally laughing out loud right now, and my younger brother came up and asked, “What’s so funny?!” 😛 (I hope no one got a picture of that. Cause really, most awkward position to be in xD)

Yeah, well, they just might have! 🙂 Oh, and when we had to get out to let the boys go in, we all had to go down the slide, and campers were waiting at the bottom. I think Carrie or someone went down and they were like, “Go Carrie!” or whatever, and I go down, and it’s like a few people, “Olivia!” Oh well. 🙂

Hehe. Yeah. I don’t quite remember what happened when I went down. I think they clapped. Not sure why though :S

Yeah, I could be wrong as well, but any way. The boys did some pretty impressive stunts. L did a back somersault.

Show offs *rolls eyes* 😛 Yep, they did their best.

Haha, yeah. 🙂

After the bouncy castle, it was lunch time! 🙂 After we ate lunch, it was chapel time again, but this time, the sub-counsellors had to stay back to set up games for the carnival. When everyone pretty much had their games, I still couldn’t find what game to do. I ended up, with the help of my blue team friend, B, finally sorta made up a game. I had some batons and light plastic balls, and three buckets. The person would have to balance the ball on the top of the baton. The three buckets were in a row a couple of feet apart. The first bucket was worth 5 points, the second one 10 points, and the third one worth 15 points. You had to balance the ball on top of the baton and drop it into any one of the buckets. You got three tries.

Oh, right! I remember that game! It looked like super fun! And – all the people doing it looked super concentrated 😉

Yeah, the wind made it even harder. The ball was so light, sometimes it would just blow off.

Mm hmm. The balls were pretty light too. CIT’s and sub-counsellors were in charge of the games, head counsellors had the busiest time in chapel taking care of their team. But once Carnival started, there wasn’t really much to be done except watch 😉

Oh, you should have come by for a bit, and we could have chatted! Actually, I know that L asked you to take over her game cause she wasn’t feeling well.

Yes. I DID come over to your booth, to take pictures! I think I was able to get pictures of all the games. But then I just helped wherever I was needed 🙂 L’s game was quite interesting! As was Tiger Lily’s. L had a lot, and I mean a LOT of duct tape on her game. Was quite a struggle taking it apart 😉 And Tiger Lily’s was the one where you had to roll a football down a picnic table and into a bucket that was placed on the ground at the other end. Mr. T happened to place the table on a slant, so that it was quite hard trying to get the football into the bucket!

I actually didn’t try her game, but there was quite a contest at the end of the carnival! 🙂

Ohhhhhh yeah. THAT contest xD Quite interesting, I’ll admit.

We had snack? After that. Which was brownies, I think… icing….. 🙂

Oh yes! Actually, I think I have a picture from last year. Let me see if I can pull it up!

Mmmmm…. 🙂

Yes, those brownies were soooooooo good!!

So were the cookies, even though I didn’t have any this year. 🙂 So, after the snacks was again, freetime. Some kids went on the bouncy castle, but some kids went into the forest to play capture the flag. It was red and green team against the blue and yellow team. But, not all of the green team was there, so we had fewer people. The first round, blue and yellow won, but the second round we kept the same teams, and we won! 😀 Mr. S. said there was more glory in winning with fewer people. (something like that)

Oh, well I’d agree with him! 🙂 And in my team’s defense, the campers really, really, REALLY enjoyed the bouncy castle xD That’s where they were during free time 😉

Yeah, I’d say it was definitely a highlight of the camp. 🙂

Yep. It’s a bouncy castle, what do ya expect? 😉

Lots o’ people bouncin’! 😀

Uh huh! Surprisingly, and thankfully, no one got seriously hurt. Or hurt at all, now that I think of it! 😀 After that, I believe that was the end of the day for camp.

Oh, don’t forget the water bottle dumping! 🙂 I think green won that day, and red lost.

No, Green won on Thursday. (but you weren’t supposed to know that until the next post :P) Green actually lost on Wednesday. Red won 😉

Oh, okay. 🙂 Interesting how fast the first can fall, eh?

Haha, yes, very interesting! I don’t think we talked about water bottle dumping for the previous posts. Do you want to enlighten the readers so that they know what we’re talking about, Liv?

Sure! At the end of the day, the winning team poured a bottle of water on one of the losing team’s counsellors OR Mr.T, C, or Tiger Lily. I never got a bottle of water dumped on my head, but L on your team did, right, BC?

Yeah, I didn’t get a bottle of water on me either. They all liked us too much, Liv 😉 And yes, my sub-counsellor got water dumped on his head the first day because blue won, and blue had Eric on it and he had something against L 😛 (whew, well that was a run-on xD)

Haha, yes! I have a story about the water bottle dumping, but that’s for Day 5. 🙂 Boys, are boys. 😛 😀

*sigh* Yes. I will never understand them 😛
ANYWAY, J from the red team spared green team from any more water dumping, and chose the game CIT, C, to pour ice-cold water on. Thank you, J 😀

Haha, yes. She did. 🙂

So, that wraps up Day 4, because I have to go now.

Yep! Nothing else, I don’t believe to write about for Day 4 now 🙂 See you all next time!


Adventure Camp-Day 2

Hi Everyone! Blessing Counter from Counting Your Blessings One By One and I collaborated with stories from Adventure camp! We did Day 1 yesterday on her blog, and now for Day 2! I am red, and Blessing is green.

Day 2- Monday
We arrived at Adventure Camp the next day, bright and early. 🙂 We got our team-colour shirts, and waited for campers to come.

Well, actually, by the time I got there, there were campers there already. And we got to give them their shirts!

That’s true, but we had to wait for the REST of our campers for our teams to arrive, so that we could check them off of our list and get them their t-shirts. ^ -^

True ^_^ After ALL the campers arrived –

We had to line up for chapel. Don’t you just love how we finish each other’s sentences? 😉

Hehe, yes 🙂 Don’t forget the checking off though. It’s like trying to count goldfish!

They were constantly moving?

Yes! It was like “Check, check – wait, didn’t I check you already?!” 😛
After the counsellors and CIT’s had marked attendance for all their campers (amidst multiple games of basketball going on all at the same time, which can be very dangerous, especially for tall people :P) everyone moved out to chapel. And then the unforgettable line ups began 😉
Actually, I would have to say that this year was one of the best years for lining up. Wouldn’t you say so? I mean, the kids listened somewhat, depending on what kind of kid you got, but it was pretty good this year. I think, though, it was a bit odd, considering my age to a couple of my campers, to be telling them what to do. A couple of them were only 1 or 2 years younger than me! :O

Hehe. I wish I could say the same about me! I was at least 4 years older than the oldest one there. Actually, some of them asked if I was 20 or something 😛

Oh, really? Speaking of misinterpreted ages, I was talking to some of my campers, and when I told them my age, one of them was like, “Really?” 😀 I guess I either look older than my age, or they thought I was a lot younger.. 🙂

Hehe. Yeah. ANYWAY, YES, I would agree with you that the lines were MUCH better this year. I think it’s good to have the lines since it helps keep order at times. But it’s also good to keep in mind that children will be children and they like to move! 😀

That is very true, very true indeed. 😉 I had a pretty good team. 🙂

Yes! I think all the teams were pretty good this year. But anyway, I think we’re going on a rabbit trail again 😛 (apologies to the readers, we like reminiscing ^_^)


Whoever had the straightest and quietest line, USUALLY got to go into the church first, but, there was one time when my team got to go in before another team because some of our campers had dimples! xD

Awwww….really? That’s so adorable 🙂 I didn’t know that 😛 I think there was one time Green team got to go in first because L had this huge smile plastered on his face!

😀 After chapel, two teams went to do some crafts, while the other teams did, oh yes! Creature Quest. So, Creature Quest is this company, sorta like Reptilia, I guess, that brings different creatures to camps and other events. The man who came to the camp would tell us where that particular animal was from, and a little about it. Some of the kids would guess what kind of animal it was, and then, voila! He would take the little (or big) creature out of its cage and show it or pass it around for the kids to touch or hold.

It was really neat, especially since I’d never seen it before. They didn’t do it last year, I don’t believe. And MOST of the animals he showed were pretty amazing. There was this ONE animal I couldn’t bear to look at though. You want to guess what it was, Liv? 😛

Ha, sure! I know. The tarantula, right? I actually held that one. (BC does not like spiders at all) or was it the snake?

The tarantula. Definitely the tarantula. And saying I don’t like spiders is an understatement. I’m terrified of them 😛 It was so big and hairy and ughh….

The snake was SO cool though!
😀 Spiders are not my favorite either, but I still held the tarantula. I held the snake, too. Moving on to some of the other animals though, there was a super super-soft chinchilla, which I think a lot of the kids liked.

There was also a salamander, a large frog, a bearded lizard, ummm, what else?

The turtle! Not sure what kind of turtle he said it was, but it was pretty big!

Oh, yes! I forgot about the turtle.

I believe that’s all the animals. It did take awhile though since the animals were passed around to about 30 or so kids?

That’s true. Yeah, around there, plus the counsellors and CITs.

Yes, we had to be included too 😉 Us old folks don’t like to be left out 😛

Okay, I have my schedule with me.There was lunch after that, then chapel again, then the obstacle course, then snack, then free period, then that’s it!

Whoa, whoa, whoa….slow down a bit! Maybe we can elaborate a bit more so the readers know what we’re talking ‘bout 😉

Right. 😉 So, after that, we ate some nourishing lunch! (Which we needed. :P)

Yes. Lunch is very important! And it’s also a great time to be able to talk to campers and get to know them better! 🙂

🙂 We had to line up for chapel again after that, in which we sang some songs, and heard the first part of a story called “Reggie and Lena ride the rails.” The chapel lady. J, who did the first part, left us at a cliffhanger. Kinda like what I did with my story. xD

Ahem. Yeah….storytellers have this peculiar interest in leaving their readers/hearers on a cliffhanger. I wonder why….? xD

Haha, maybe it’s just what writers like doing. 😉

Uh huh. Anyway, the kids really enjoyed “Reggie and Lena”. You could tell by all the groans at each cliffhanger 😉

Yup. 🙂 When we finished chapel, we did a group event. An obstacle course!

That was the running and hoop throwing, right?

It was running under the metal hoops then lining up with your team, I think. I don’t think we did any hoop throwing, did we?

I think we did….after we lined up the teams, the campers had to stand behind a bench and take turns throwing a hoop over that – wire thingy. (not sure what it’s called exactly :P)

Ohhh, okay. 🙂 Uhh, maybe, but I don’t think I was there, because I had to stand with the other CITs by the metal things, and then the campers would line up after they finished the hoop throwing, and then they would run down to the spider web.

OH. The spiderweb. THAT spiderweb 😛

Haha. yes. THAT spiderweb. 🙂

The one that L dived through xD And ruined all of Tiger Lily and C’s work 😛

Haha, really? Anyway, after we did the obstacle course, it was snack time!

Mm hmm! The ladies who do snack are so amazing. And so are their snacks 😉


Mmmm……I’m hungry now 😀

So, after snack was freetime! Usually all four teams, (or at least most of the four teams) would play “Capture the Flag” in the forest. I think the kids usually enjoyed that! 🙂 After freetime was over, the campers waited around for their parents to come and pick them up. That pretty much wraps up day 2, wouldn’t you say? Or should we expand more on Capture the Flag?

No, I think Capture the Flag was pretty basic 🙂 Lots of running and trying to find a baton. 🙂 Oh yeah, and a ton of jailbreaks?

Sometimes, Mr.S. would call a couple of jailbreaks. 🙂

Oh, okay. I don’t know exactly how the games went since I was usually with campers who didn’t want to play in the forest and preferred the milk-bag weaving.

Oh, okay. 🙂

Which reminds me, we should elaborate more on the milk-bag weaving. Though maybe on another post, since this one seems to be getting pretty long already 😉

Yeah, stay tuned guys! More to come! Oh, and don’t miss out for the last day! :O

YEAH!! But… spoilers 😉 See you all later! 🙂