Story time Friday!

Hey guys! It’s story time Friday! Today will be a beginner part of my own story.

Hopefully ya all enjoy! Oh, and be sure to check out my sister’s and mine blog:

Here we go. 🙂

Tightening the shawl about her shoulders, Amber walked slowly across the praire, her ankle-length calico dress whipping around her ankles. She was almost there-to safety, at least she hoped she was. The air was dreadfully cold, and the wind howled bitterly. The shawl, while made of thick cotton, was not enough to protect her from the wind and cold, especially after years of constant use.

She had to get away, to safety. She saw the light up ahead, beckoning for her. She stumbled along, finally reaching the wooden door. She lifted up her cold hand and knocked. Before the door opened, Amber collapsed to the ground, weary from walking and exhaustion. 

The woman opened the door and gasped at what she saw. “Simeon,” she called urgently, “Come quickly. There is another child.” Amber remembered no more than her eyes drifting close as Simeon lifted her limp form from the snow and lifted her inside. 

Two weeks earlier:

“Grandpa, what is three times nine? I can’t remember.” Eleven- year old Amber called.
Grandpa Jake looked up from his book. He looked straight into her eyes. She saw a twinkle in his gray-blue eyes as his mustache twitched in thoughtfulness. She knew he was thinking of a story to help her.

Eagerly, she leaned forward. He leaned back on chair’s back legs and smiled. “Okay. You got this youngin’. We’ll call him Joey. Now Joey loved fishin’. One day, he went out with his buddies down by that crik over thar. All of his friends, (there were three) and him had one basket each. They fished for an hour, finally catching nine fish each. How many fish did they catch altogether?”

Amber twirled her chalk piece between her fingers and thought. “Twenty-seven!” She said triumphantly. Grandpa Jake chuckled and went back to his book. Suddenly Amber heard a rumble of hooves as they hit the dusty earth. She watched as her Grandpa Jake got up and walked to the window. His expression turned from fearful to angry to worried. 

“Amber, darlin’, listen to me. You must leave. Right now.
“But, Grandpa, I don’t want to leave without you! Aren’t you going to come with me? And where will I go?” Amber’s eyes moistened with tears, but she didn’t let them fall.|
Grandpa Jake grabbed her shawl and hat from the peg beside the door and thrust them into her hand.
“Hurry! There are bad men I have to take care of. I’ll be right behind you. Go as far as you can until you reach a brick house. There is a woman who will take you in. I’ll meet you there, God willin’. Now go.”

Amber wrapped the shawl around her shoulders as she started to go out the front door.
“No, don’t go out that way!” Grandpa Jake pointed to a little opening under the rug he had pulled back. 

Amber quickly went down the hole as Grandpa Jake opened the door. She could hear angry voices  as he shut the door… then a gunshot. Amber gasped and covered her mouth with her hand.

Horrified, she went farther down the hole and came out in the middle of the prairie next to her house. Where was that woman’s house? How far was it? She didn’t know. “Oh, Grandpa, I wish you were here.” Amber whispered.

Suddenly she heard more angry shouts and horses neighing. They were growing louder. Amber started to run. They were after her. She knew it.


So, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below!!

-Olivia 🙂




The Diary of Albertina Collins- Feb. 14, 2013

February 14, 2013
Mom and Dad gave me this journal today, since it’s my 14th birthday. I hope to write in it every day. It’s weird, writing down all of my feelings and mishaps and things in the day all in a book… which I hope no one will read. It would be so embarrassing. Maybe I’ll burn it before I die. Before I die. That’s an odd concept to think about, since I’m only 14.  Hopefully I have enough pages to write in..
I guess, since this is a journal, I’m supposed to write in whatever has happened each day.
When I woke up this morning, my bed was moved around and balloons and streamers were plastered all across my wall and room. It was like… a spiders’ web, but it was so beautiful with all of the colors. It reminded me of God’s promise to Noah, when he put a rainbow in the sky as a promise that he would never flood the earth again. 

I could smell bacon frying and fresh coffee brewing. The aroma was heavenly. Heavenly. I just started using that word. Funny, because I don’t know what heaven will be like, so how can I say heavenly? Maybe I overthink things. Haha. 

It was quiet in the house. I think my mom came into my room this morning and decorated, and then she went downstairs to prepare a special breakfast. Normally, if it was a Saturday,  Dad would take me out for breakfast to some place like Tim Hortons or something, but it’s a Friday, so Dad had to leave for work. 

I got up, got dressed in my gray skinny jeans and a long- sleeve deep- green shirt, and some socks (cause without socks my feet are usually freezing, even in the summer). I went really quietly down the stairs, so I could scare Mom. My stomach growled. I did scare her. She nearly dropped the bacon pan in the sink. I laughed so hard, then helped her clean up the bacon splatter. She scolded me playfully and then sat me down for some breakfast. All of which included the kingly breakfast of scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, hot cinnamon rolls, and she even let me have a little coffee, mixed with hot chocolate and milk. I love the smell and a little of the flavor, but I think if I drank it black, dirt would taste better than that. 

I prefer it with a little hot chocolate and steamed milk….or in coffee cake! After I finished my… queenly breakfast, my mom gave me some presents to open. One from Dad and Mom and two from my siblings in college and university. Mom also said one was coming from my Oma (that’s dutch for Grandma) later that day. I ended up receiving one iTunes gift card (for $15!!), a new book from my most favorite author, Terri Blackstock, and a new purse. 

The rest of the day I had to help Mom clean up the house, and then we went shopping for groceries, and then we went actual shopping for some clothes. “You are growing too fast, Tina.” Mom said, using my nickname ‘Tina.’ Dad calls me his little love snowflake. (since I was born in February, on Valentines’ Day) 

I got some new pants and shirts. This entry is probably really boring, but I just found out some really exciting news. Mom just told me that my sister, the one who is in her last year of university, got engaged today. Oh, I forgot to mention my siblings’ names. My oldest sibling, Caety, is completing her last year of university in Idaho. She is 21 years old, and has a boyfriend- now fiance,  Owen Carter. I’m so happy for her. My next oldest sibling, Jackson, is 19, and is in his first year of college, I think. I’m getting really tired, and my leg is hurting. I don’t know what from, but it’s been hurting a lot lately. I’ve probably been walking too much. I’ll write tomorrow, when I feel better, and have gotten more sleep. It’s past my bedtime anyway. So long!





Step by Step

Hey all!

Today I helped my friend with a poem writing assignment for her writing class. She sent me a link to help edit it, and when I showed it to my mom, she thought I should publish it! 🙂 This is a poem called “Step by Step.” My friend did most of it, but I helped with the last 5 or six lines or so. 🙂 Please comment on this– my friend did a great job!

Soo… here we go!

Step By Step


A lost girl who was small and frail

Wandered down the crooked trail

Tired and desperate was her soul

Of which she felt had no end goal.

Drowning deep in a sinking sadness

She brokenly plodded on in darkness

While crying out in guilt and shame

She heard a voice calling her name

She looked to the right and saw a man

Who offered to help and hold her hand

A small courage she happened to find

Led her to trust this man gentle and kind

Peering up at his clear blue eyes

Assured her that he was safe and wise

Step by step they began to go

Down a path she did not know  

But trusting implicitly in His saving grace

Her feelings of sadness began to erase

As He led her down a road cheery and bright

His strength began to fill her soul with light

As her happiness overflowed in delight

She found peace in his everlasting might.

-By: B. B. and Olivia N. 😀


Thanks everyone for reading!!


It’s Story Time Friday! -The Dinner Party

Hey Everyone! On Fridays, I will, hopefully and Lord willing, be sharing a short/or long stories that I have read, or have found, or whatever. There is also a possibility that I may share a chapter here and there from a story(stories) of my own work! Today I am going to be sharing with you guys a story called The Dinner Party, by Mona Gardner. This is a story based in India, and it has a theme of courage. Are you ready? Let’s “listen” 😀

The country is India. A large dinner party is being given in an up-country station by a colonial official and his wife. The guests are army officers and government attachés and their wives, and an American naturalist.

At one side of the long table a spirited discussion springs up between a young girl and a colonel. The girl insists women have long outgrown the jumping-on-a-chair-at-sight-of-a-mouse era, that they are not as fluttery as their grandmothers. The colonel says they are, explaining that women haven’t the actual nerve control of men. The other men at the table agree with him.

“A woman’s unfailing reaction in any crisis,” the colonel says, “is to scream. And while a man may feel like it, yet he has that ounce more of control than a woman has. And that last ounce is what counts!”

The American scientist does not join in the argument, but sits watching the faces of the other guests. As he looks, he sees a strange expression come over the face of the hostess. She is staring straight ahead, the muscles of her face contracting slightly. With a small gesture she summons the native boy standing behind her chair. She whispers to him. The boy’s eyes widen: he turns quickly and leaves the room. No one else sees this, nor the boy when he puts a bowl of milk on the verandah outside the glass doors.

The American comes to with a start. In India, milk in a bowl means only one thing. It is bait for a snake. He realizes there is a cobra in the room.

He looks up at the rafters–the likeliest place–and sees they are bare. Three corners of the room, which he can see by shifting only slightly, are empty. In the fourth corner a group of servants stand, waiting until the next course can be served. The American realizes there is only one place left–under the table.

His first impulse is to jump back and warn the others. But he knows the commotion will frighten the cobra and it will strike. He speaks quickly, the quality of his voice so arresting that it sobers everyone.

“I want to know just what control everyone at this table has. I will count to three hundred–that’s five minutes–and not one of you is to move a single muscle. The persons who move will forfeit 50 rupees. Now! Ready!”

The 20 people sit like stone image while he counts. He is saying “…two-hundred and eighty…” when, out of the corner of his eye, he sees the cobra emerge and make for the bowl of milk. Four or five screams ring out as he jumps to slam shut the verandah doors.

“You were certainly right, Colonel!” the host says. “A man has just shown us an example of real control.”

“Just a minute, ” the American says, turning to his hostess, “there’s one thing I’d like to know. Mrs. Wynnes, how did you know that cobra was in the room?”

A faint smile lights up the woman’s face as she replies: “Because it was lying across my foot.”


–Mona Gardner


So, what did you all think of this story? The lesson is courage, even though it starts off as a dinner conversation.

Oh, and here are the meanings for attachés and rupees. 

attachés: diplomatic aides to the ambassador

rupees: the principal silver coins of British India

Thanks for reading! ❤

Long time no hear!

Hey all! So, as you may have noticed, I have not posted in… well.. let’s count: 22 days! (joylessly laugh) Oh dear.

Let me fill you in on some news: (cause you all want to hear that, right?) 🙂

At the beginning of September, we made a trip to New Brunswick- that’s right, driving. All the way there. 😀 In our big van, with a friend, in one day! 🙂 You all should try it! Really, road trips can be fun, and we did sleep a lot, but we made it to our destination around 7 something their time, which would be 6 something our time. (We left around 4:30ish that morning)  I would probably post some photos, but unfortunately, I left my camera there. Thankfully, the friends we stayed with found it in their stroller, so it’s all good. Even if I don’t have pictures right now to show you guys, I’ll tell you instead. Of course, this could be a REALLY long blog post, but stick with me!

Day 1: driving… with a few stops. We slept, ate, played Nancy Drew, slept, ate, and some of us may have done a few other things, like reading or something, but anyway. We arrived at our friend’s house around 7 something their time, and we were all really excited to see them! We had some late supper there, and they gave us a tour of their really beautiful house! We girls got to sleep in this huge room, where we did take some photos…. this one is one my sister’s camera took:


Haha, here is a more subdued one: 14258081_985957694835544_1963136516765835433_o.jpg

Any how, that night, we slept in that huge room on air mattresses, a couch, and two beds! 🙂

Day 2: We woke up that next morning, and ate some breakfast. Our friends had to leave that day for a few hours, so I quote, from my journal:”They even have a sunroom. I am sitting in a chair in it at the moment. It’s glorious. Simply glorious. I may even take a nap!” You know, I didn’t end up having one, but it was really nice in there. There were screens, so no bugs could get in (unless you opened the screen door) and it was a nice day, too. Some of us also watched my sister and friend play Nancy Drew, and they came home a few hours after they left. I think we had a barbeque that night… with meat (chicken, pork, etc?) and after that, after talking for a little while, we had s’mores! Except, there were only a few marshmallows, so most of us had roasted: peanut butter, chococlate, and a graham cracker. Here is a pic from that night that my sister also took:


Yes, I look like Gandalf, staring into the fire(far left) 😀

Day 3: Sunday! We went to church with our friends in the morning, and then went home for some lunch (chili, I think it was!) and changed, and we drove to a place called Minister’s Island. Actually, we couldn’t get to it at the time, because the tide was still too high. 🙂 (Bay of Fundy!) We ended up going to the place at which we would eventually be embarking, and it was a beaut. Here is a pic from my sister’s camera! 14372358_985958311502149_7421039085223083467_o.jpg

Minister’s Island is on the other side. See what I mean when the tide is too high? We had to wait for it to recede some, and then we could drive over on the ocean floor! (at low tide) I’m serious, we drove on the ocean floor, but while we were waiting for the tide to come out, we drove a little way’s a way to a town, called St. Andrew’s By the Sea, and we walked around, and some of us went into a little shop where it sold fur stuff, hats, Irish tin whistles, and probably more! We went back to the place where we were to cross onto Minister’s island, and we ate some dinner, then crossed across the ocean floor! I took a few videos, but those are on my camera. 🙂

Trivia: you know why they named it Minister’s Island?

A: Because of Reverend Andrew, the minister who built all of the buildings on Minister’s Island: the creamery, bath house, barn, and greenhouse, and other buildings!

We parked and walked along the trail, but all of the buildings were closed because of Labor Day. We still saw the buildings, and later on we saw some horses! As we walked along the trail, there was another building (the dining house?) and a little “gazebo/porch” thing that we took pictures in. In the corner of it, however, we saw this huge spider! And it was big. Blessing Counter, are you ok? 😀

But, don’t worry, it stayed in its corner.  We walked down the rest of the trail and came to the bathhouse.  I won’t keep stealing my sister’s photos after this, but I’ll just post one more: This is of the bathhouse on Minister’s Island:


Beautiful, right? 🙂

After finishing our excursion onto Minister’s Island, we went out for icecream to a little place in that town I mentioned earlier. The icecream place was called”Worth a Wiggle” I guess ice cream is worth exercising for? xD Most of us got icecream, and here is what we got. (oh, by the way, I’m going to be using initials for everybody, except for me, for privacy reasons)

Me: Orange Pineapple… ehh, it wasn’t my favorite, I don’t think, but oh well. You try new flavors and experiment, right? 🙂

E (my brother): Grizzly tracks (chocolateyish icecream)
C(my sister)- Peanut Butter Mudslide
D (my dad)- Mariner’s Sea salt Caramel
V (my sister)- Black Raspberry Cheesecake
SJ(friend)- Mint Chocolate Chip
H(my sister)- Mariner’s Sea Salt Caramel (to quote: “Oh, that one was so good!”)
R(family’s daughter)- Grizzly Tracks
E(family’s daughter)- Strawberry
E(family’s son)- Chocolate
Mr.D- Black Raspberry Cheesecake
Mrs. D- Peanut Butter mudslide

We went home that night, very tired, I think… SJ and I were sorta dozing for some of the trip home.

Day 3: Monday! 😦 Last full day we would get to spend with our friends. It was sorta relaxing the next day. At least in the morning. We got up, ate breakfast, some of sisters and their friend went to Frederiction, but mostly everything was closed. They still got a tour of the governor’s house, though. 🙂 Some of us went for a walk, in which we met up with my mom and the family’s kids. Some of us kept on walking (my Mom and family’s  son and daughter went back) and we went to the park by the little beach they have near their house. Except it was a man made lake! We played in the park and their young son I took out to the water and held his hands while he dipped his feet in the water, and such. He loved it! 🙂 We ended up swimming in that beach a a little while later, and then we came home. I should mention, though, that earlier, before the beach and such, my Dad and Mr. D were talking, and V, my sister played them a couple of tunes on her whistle. Any way, the subject came up that V liked swing dancing, I think, and it so just happened, that Mr. D and Mrs. D know swing dancing and he was willing to teach us a bit that night! Well, let me tell ya, after dinner, we had some swing dancing lessons! It was SO FUN. Of course, I messed up a more than once, but it takes practice, and it was really fun. At one point I was going so fast! I think it helps if you have a good partner/leader/teacher,too:) We ended up saying goodbye to everyone that night..

Day 4: Last day. We woke up very early the next morning and ate breakfast and loaded up. Mrs. D and S, their young son, were there when we left. As far as I know, everyone else was sleeping. We drove the rest of the way home, and because we had eaten breakfast so early, we ate lunch around 9 ish in the morning! Not normal, lunch, eh?  We got home earlier than when we had arrived in New Brunswick, so we had time to unpack some, etc.

My New Brunswick Adventure now closes another chapter! This turned out to be a pretty long post, but if you guys are still with me, I’ll give a brief overview of  the rest of the time.

The 10th of Sept. was our Annual Festival! My sister was the queen, and she handed off her crown to someone else this year.

The 17th of Sept. was a fundraiser for our church! We sold baked goods, crafts, and refreshments! We sold some more stuff the next day after church.


the-student-tutor-network-maths-english-biology-chemistry-ohdGKZ-clipart.jpg(google) 😀

Wait.. why are there two readings in there? huh.


We started our Bible club last week Friday, and we had Pudding Pigout! (does the name


explain it?) My friend said she felt like she had a huge blob of pudding in her stomach. (something like that!) 😀

Aand, we probably did more, but I’m going to leave it at that. Thanks  so much for reading this, guys, and for being interested!

How was your September so far? Did you go on any major trips recently?

So long farewell!