Step by Step

Hey all!

Today I helped my friend with a poem writing assignment for her writing class. She sent me a link to help edit it, and when I showed it to my mom, she thought I should publish it! 🙂 This is a poem called “Step by Step.” My friend did most of it, but I helped with the last 5 or six lines or so. 🙂 Please comment on this– my friend did a great job!

Soo… here we go!

Step By Step


A lost girl who was small and frail

Wandered down the crooked trail

Tired and desperate was her soul

Of which she felt had no end goal.

Drowning deep in a sinking sadness

She brokenly plodded on in darkness

While crying out in guilt and shame

She heard a voice calling her name

She looked to the right and saw a man

Who offered to help and hold her hand

A small courage she happened to find

Led her to trust this man gentle and kind

Peering up at his clear blue eyes

Assured her that he was safe and wise

Step by step they began to go

Down a path she did not know  

But trusting implicitly in His saving grace

Her feelings of sadness began to erase

As He led her down a road cheery and bright

His strength began to fill her soul with light

As her happiness overflowed in delight

She found peace in his everlasting might.

-By: B. B. and Olivia N. 😀


Thanks everyone for reading!!



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