The Diary of Albertina Collins- Feb. 14, 2013

February 14, 2013
Mom and Dad gave me this journal today, since it’s my 14th birthday. I hope to write in it every day. It’s weird, writing down all of my feelings and mishaps and things in the day all in a book… which I hope no one will read. It would be so embarrassing. Maybe I’ll burn it before I die. Before I die. That’s an odd concept to think about, since I’m only 14.  Hopefully I have enough pages to write in..
I guess, since this is a journal, I’m supposed to write in whatever has happened each day.
When I woke up this morning, my bed was moved around and balloons and streamers were plastered all across my wall and room. It was like… a spiders’ web, but it was so beautiful with all of the colors. It reminded me of God’s promise to Noah, when he put a rainbow in the sky as a promise that he would never flood the earth again. 

I could smell bacon frying and fresh coffee brewing. The aroma was heavenly. Heavenly. I just started using that word. Funny, because I don’t know what heaven will be like, so how can I say heavenly? Maybe I overthink things. Haha. 

It was quiet in the house. I think my mom came into my room this morning and decorated, and then she went downstairs to prepare a special breakfast. Normally, if it was a Saturday,  Dad would take me out for breakfast to some place like Tim Hortons or something, but it’s a Friday, so Dad had to leave for work. 

I got up, got dressed in my gray skinny jeans and a long- sleeve deep- green shirt, and some socks (cause without socks my feet are usually freezing, even in the summer). I went really quietly down the stairs, so I could scare Mom. My stomach growled. I did scare her. She nearly dropped the bacon pan in the sink. I laughed so hard, then helped her clean up the bacon splatter. She scolded me playfully and then sat me down for some breakfast. All of which included the kingly breakfast of scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, hot cinnamon rolls, and she even let me have a little coffee, mixed with hot chocolate and milk. I love the smell and a little of the flavor, but I think if I drank it black, dirt would taste better than that. 

I prefer it with a little hot chocolate and steamed milk….or in coffee cake! After I finished my… queenly breakfast, my mom gave me some presents to open. One from Dad and Mom and two from my siblings in college and university. Mom also said one was coming from my Oma (that’s dutch for Grandma) later that day. I ended up receiving one iTunes gift card (for $15!!), a new book from my most favorite author, Terri Blackstock, and a new purse. 

The rest of the day I had to help Mom clean up the house, and then we went shopping for groceries, and then we went actual shopping for some clothes. “You are growing too fast, Tina.” Mom said, using my nickname ‘Tina.’ Dad calls me his little love snowflake. (since I was born in February, on Valentines’ Day) 

I got some new pants and shirts. This entry is probably really boring, but I just found out some really exciting news. Mom just told me that my sister, the one who is in her last year of university, got engaged today. Oh, I forgot to mention my siblings’ names. My oldest sibling, Caety, is completing her last year of university in Idaho. She is 21 years old, and has a boyfriend- now fiance,  Owen Carter. I’m so happy for her. My next oldest sibling, Jackson, is 19, and is in his first year of college, I think. I’m getting really tired, and my leg is hurting. I don’t know what from, but it’s been hurting a lot lately. I’ve probably been walking too much. I’ll write tomorrow, when I feel better, and have gotten more sleep. It’s past my bedtime anyway. So long!






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