Story time Friday!

Hey guys! It’s story time Friday! Today will be a beginner part of my own story.

Hopefully ya all enjoy! Oh, and be sure to check out my sister’s and mine blog:

Here we go. 🙂

Tightening the shawl about her shoulders, Amber walked slowly across the praire, her ankle-length calico dress whipping around her ankles. She was almost there-to safety, at least she hoped she was. The air was dreadfully cold, and the wind howled bitterly. The shawl, while made of thick cotton, was not enough to protect her from the wind and cold, especially after years of constant use.

She had to get away, to safety. She saw the light up ahead, beckoning for her. She stumbled along, finally reaching the wooden door. She lifted up her cold hand and knocked. Before the door opened, Amber collapsed to the ground, weary from walking and exhaustion. 

The woman opened the door and gasped at what she saw. “Simeon,” she called urgently, “Come quickly. There is another child.” Amber remembered no more than her eyes drifting close as Simeon lifted her limp form from the snow and lifted her inside. 

Two weeks earlier:

“Grandpa, what is three times nine? I can’t remember.” Eleven- year old Amber called.
Grandpa Jake looked up from his book. He looked straight into her eyes. She saw a twinkle in his gray-blue eyes as his mustache twitched in thoughtfulness. She knew he was thinking of a story to help her.

Eagerly, she leaned forward. He leaned back on chair’s back legs and smiled. “Okay. You got this youngin’. We’ll call him Joey. Now Joey loved fishin’. One day, he went out with his buddies down by that crik over thar. All of his friends, (there were three) and him had one basket each. They fished for an hour, finally catching nine fish each. How many fish did they catch altogether?”

Amber twirled her chalk piece between her fingers and thought. “Twenty-seven!” She said triumphantly. Grandpa Jake chuckled and went back to his book. Suddenly Amber heard a rumble of hooves as they hit the dusty earth. She watched as her Grandpa Jake got up and walked to the window. His expression turned from fearful to angry to worried. 

“Amber, darlin’, listen to me. You must leave. Right now.
“But, Grandpa, I don’t want to leave without you! Aren’t you going to come with me? And where will I go?” Amber’s eyes moistened with tears, but she didn’t let them fall.|
Grandpa Jake grabbed her shawl and hat from the peg beside the door and thrust them into her hand.
“Hurry! There are bad men I have to take care of. I’ll be right behind you. Go as far as you can until you reach a brick house. There is a woman who will take you in. I’ll meet you there, God willin’. Now go.”

Amber wrapped the shawl around her shoulders as she started to go out the front door.
“No, don’t go out that way!” Grandpa Jake pointed to a little opening under the rug he had pulled back. 

Amber quickly went down the hole as Grandpa Jake opened the door. She could hear angry voices  as he shut the door… then a gunshot. Amber gasped and covered her mouth with her hand.

Horrified, she went farther down the hole and came out in the middle of the prairie next to her house. Where was that woman’s house? How far was it? She didn’t know. “Oh, Grandpa, I wish you were here.” Amber whispered.

Suddenly she heard more angry shouts and horses neighing. They were growing louder. Amber started to run. They were after her. She knew it.


So, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below!!

-Olivia 🙂




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