Diary of Albertina Collins- February 16, 2013

Dearest Diary,
Wait a sec. Is that what I’m supposed to say?
Let me start over.

It is morning of February 16, 2013. Mom is at our friend’s house taking care of their rabbit. Did I mention to you that the rabbit is a vicious, mean, clawing rabbit? I went with Mom one of the times, and he gave me a three inch scratch! :/ ouch.
You know how in my earlier entry I said my leg was really hurting, so I told mom? Well, it still hurt a couple of days after mom said it would heal. “Give it some more time, Tina. If it persists in hurting, then we’ll go to the doctor, ok?”
I nodded my head, but really, I am worried. I know I’m supposed to cast all my cares upon God, but sometimes it’s harder than it sounds. Don’t be a worry wart… That’s what Caety always told me. She said, “Trust in God. He’ll take care of it. He’s perfect, so He won’t make any mistakes.”
I would always laugh and tell her I’d try. She was right, but I still have a hard time controlling it sometimes. I just need to keep praying. I have really exciting news. My cousin, Leian, is going to have a baby! Eeek! I’m so excited to have a new cousin. Er, second cousin. Is that what it is? I always get so confused between family relationships and how they connect.

Hang on. I’ll be back. Have to get a heat pack for my leg.

okay, I’m back. It’s feeling a bit better now. Where was I? um….. oh, yes, family relationships. And speaking of which, I really hope Leian is having a girl. Girls are way less trouble than boys, and plus, there are soooo many boys in our family. Haha. 

I have always wanted to have a journal, but now I don’t even know what to write. Why can’t I write like other people do?! It seems like their journals are nothing but flowery language and beautiful poems. I dunno. Dad came home from work today stressed. He didn’t eat much of his food at supper, and he went to bed early. I wonder why. It’s probably just work or– 


DIARY…JOURNAL! WHATEVER! I HAVE HORRIBLE NEWS! The bank where Dad works has been robbed. Mom’s going over there right now, and I have to go too. Dad could be hurt! I’m so scared. This seems like a movie or something. Nothing has ever happened like that before. 

We’re in the car. We’re not allowed to go into the bank. There are police officers everywhere. No one has seen Dad. Wait. Here comes an officer. “Ma’am?” He is asking Mom. Mom is rolling down her window, face pale and drawn. “Your husband is Roger?” Mom is nodding. “He is being taken to the hospital. He’s en route.” 

Dad’s at the hospital? What’s wrong? Oh, I hope he’s ok. Mom is driving really fast. I can’t write anymore right now. Leg hurts and head hurts too much, and I can hardly think. Please, Lord. Let him be alright. 

~Albertina ❤


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