I encourage you to think on this! If we can make a difference, what will we be known for? What can we do NOW?

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It’s so weird to me that one day, no one will ever know Amanda Brown ever lived and breathed. I’ll be lost in the pages of time, my story dusty and forgotten. But maybe that doesn’t really matter. Because maybe, if I can make an impact, I can still live on in a better way. If because of me, a family’s life is changed; a child lives; a relationship is restored.
After all . . . actions speak louder than words.

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The Sisterhood Tag

Hello everyone! 🙂

I’m making up my own tag today, although it’s probably been done before 😛 The Sisterhood Tag (and brothers are a very essential part of my life – I’m just doing a sister one this time;))


The rules!

*Answer the five questions from the tag, and then make up five of your own! Keep the fun going 😉

*Tag whomever you wish! You don’t even have to tag anyone to do this; you can just dedicate the tag to a ‘sister’, biological or adopted, who means a lot to you!

*Have fun!


  1. What’s one of the biggest blessings that you appreciate about your sister?
  2. What is one of your favorite activities to do with your sister(s)?
  3. Are you “Same Jane” with your sister(s), or “Different Dolly”?
  4. What is one of the most hilarious memories you’ve had with your sisters?
  5. What is the best part about being a sister, in your opinion?


I’m tagging, for this one…



Faith P.


(If you don’t have any sisters, then feel free to do it for your brother(s)! They’re pretty special too ;))


God is on the move.

As I’m reading more and listening/watching to interviews and testimonies from the Columbine high school shooting on April 20, 1999, it definitely is heart-breaking. Some of you may know Rachel Joy Scott, the first student to be murdered in the shooting. She was murdered because of her faith in Jesus Christ.

However, Craig Scott, survivor of the shooting and brother of Rachel Joy Scott, can now say that he doesn’t feel hatred or anger towards the gunmen. In fact, this is what he says in an interview years later, “So I had a mentor that came into my life and he told me something that was powerful and true. He said that forgiveness was like setting a prisoner free and finding out that prisoner is you. And I realized I needed to let go of all the anger and hate towards them. So I chose to forgive the two shooters.”

This is powerful. God’s kingdom moves forward despite this event that happened — the shooting. Many have been impacted by the stories of those surviving the shooting as well as those who were killed. So many have been changed, challenged, and inspired. God is on the move.

Goodbye, 2017. Hello, 2018!

Well, y’all, by the time I finish this post it will be the New Year — 2018. I can’t believe this year has gone by already. It’s gone by so fast — and yet, at times, it may have even seemed that it was going by slowly. It feels like as I get older I’m more aware of time and how quickly it “flies by”.

2017. You were a good year. Probably one of my hardest years, but you were also a good year. You were one of the best years for friends. I learned a lot, but I also experienced a lot.



God has been so good to me, as He has always been every year. This past year, 2017, however, has been one of my best and greatest years for friends. I’ve made new friends, grown closer to the ones I already have, shared laughs and tears with friends, joys, sadness, excitement, hugs, and so. many. memories!

In 2017 alone I probably made over a thousand memories with just friends.

So here’s to 2018 — more challenges to overcome, more fears to face, more tears to shed, more hugs to share, more learning and growth to experience, and more memories to make.

I’m so thankful for each and every one of YOU — my friends that God has blessed me with!

So God bless you ALL. Thank you for the memories. Thank you for being an encouragement to me. Thank you for being YOU. And thank you for loving God, and encouraging me in Him.


Well, my family has stuck by me for another year 😉 I’m so so thankful God has blessed me with a family such as mine! (As I’m sure you’re thankful for the family He’s blessed you with). God always knows what He’s doing when He puts you into your family.

My family is pretty crazy. We’re all kinda crazy sometimes. We all have our challenges, difficulties, arguments, laughs, tears, everything in between. But I love them all so very much. I’m so thankful for my parents. They’re not perfect (but then again, who is?) but I have learned so much from them and I love them so much. And honestly, I’m kinda glad they make mistakes sometimes. We can learn from mistakes 🙂 I’m so thankful to God.

Also… We found out in July of 2017 that I’m gonna be an auntie to a baby boy due this March!! I’m SO excited.

Guys… no matter what happens, count your blessings every day. Be thankful for your family. Tell them you love them. 🙂

An’ all the rest

Alllll of the memories, experiences, growth and learning, failures and successes — God, thank you for each of them.


Happy New Year, friends 🙂

12DoC – Day 12 – It’s a Wrap!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the last and final day of the 12 Days of Christmas Blog linkup! 😦 It feels sad now that it’s coming to an end doesn’t it? I hope y’all have enjoyed it! I know Faith put a lot of work into this year, so let’s all give her a round of applause shall we?

Thanks, Faith! ❤



Today is just a wrap-up post, and I want to thank all of you for this year, all of your hard work and time in reading the posts, blogging, or just being there to support your friends and family!

As I’ve grown older, and understood the gospel more and the meaning of Christmas, it’s really hit me more what Jesus did for us, sinners, and it makes me so thankful.

This is only my second year doing it, but I can tell everyone who participates really loves it, and who wouldn’t? Celebrating Jesus and the Christmas is one of my favorite times of year, as I’m sure it is for a lot of people 😉

And this year, especially if you’re missing someone who’s gone, or if you’re going through a hard time, or this year has been really hard, so you don’t feel like celebrating, keep holding fast to God. He is the only One Who can provide true comfort and peace and happiness, much as toys and other things are fun for a while, Jesus is everlasting. So don’t give up, Christian.

Maybe you don’t know about Jesus and what He did for us. Maybe you don’t believe it. Well, once I was just like you. A sinner destined for death. But then I came to know Christ through His Son, Jesus Christ, when I repented of my sins and believed and trusted in Jesus as Savior. You can do that too. This Christmas, would you ever leave a gift under the tree addressed to you UN-wrapped? Course not! I know I wouldn’t 😉 That’s the same with Jesus. His free gift of salvation is like a wrapped gift under the tree. What are you waiting for? 🙂


That I will conclude for today, and I hope you all have a blessed, awesome Christmas, and an awesome New Year (2018?!?!!) growing more in Jesus, loving Him more, and making more special memories. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 😀






12DoC – Day 12 (11ish) – Christmas Vlog

Hey everyone!

I’m super super late with this post, cause it was actually supposed to be posted yesterday (Christmas Eve) but I wasn’t able to get the vlog finished in time before I went to bed (cause we did all of our family Christmas festivities last night) Anyways, here it is now.. on Christmas Day (so another post will be coming today xD) And guys… IT’S CHRISTMAS!! I hope you all enjoyed this year’s 12DoC blog linkup and that we’ll see ya next year!


You’ll see a little message from me in the video, so cya!



YAY! It finally uploaded. Hope you guys enjoy, and MERRY CHRISTMAS! 😀



12DoC – Day 10 – This Christmas Morning, pt. 3 (a Christmas short story)

Hi everyone 🙂

It’s crazy to believe that Christmas is only two days away!! :O :O Which also means we’re on the 10th day of Christmas, so this party is ending soon! :O I hope you all have enjoyed it and maybe, even join it next year 😉



Today’s post will be the last and final part in the short Christmas story I’m writing, This Christmas Morning. Hope y’all enjoy it, and let’s get to it, shall we? by the way, this might not even be that good, but I’m just gonna post it anyway 😛




Part 3

Dave kissed Noelle on the forehead, as she laid sleeping in his arms, the morning sun rising, its rays filling the waiting room. It was quiet throughout the hospital, and only the occasional cry or laughter echoed through the halls. Emma was stable now, but Dave still wasn’t allowed to visit her yet. She had suffered from some sort of system failure, and Dave wasn’t sure if she would live.
A nurse stepped into the room. “Mr. Stanton?”
Dave stood up as fast as he could with a baby in his arms. “Yes? Can I see Emma now?”
“Yes, she’s stable, but Mr. Stanton, we don’t think she’ll make it through the night. I’m so sorry.”
Dave swallowed hard. “Which way?”
“Just down the hall and the first door on the right,” the nurse quietly whispered. Dave could tell she was deeply affected.
Dave nodded and made his way down the hall, pausing before he entered his wife’s room. He knew he wouldn’t be able to bear seeing her like this, yet he breathed a prayer of strength and opened the door.
Emma lay in the hospital bed, her long brown hair cascading down her shoulders and framing her pale, white face. Yet despite how she appeared, she had a peaceful complexion, and her lips formed an almost smile. Dave sat down next to her, held her cold hand. “Em, it’s me, Dave. Noelle’s here too. You wouldn’t believe how much she looks like you. So -” he choked on sobs rising in his throat. “So beautiful,” he finished. “I wish you could be here for when Noelle grows up. I don’t know how I’m gonna live without you.”
Emma moved her head slightly. “Dave,” she whispered.
Dave wiped a tear from his eye and moved closer. “Em, you’re awake. Shh, honey, don’t try to talk.”
Emma smiled faintly and closed her eyes. “I love you, Dave. I love you, my…my little daughter. Dave, will you tell her about me? Let her know how much I love her.”
“Of course,” Dave choked on his words. “I’m praying you can tell her yourself though.”
“Dave, they say… I’m not gonna make it,” Emma’s voice cracked.
“You’re gonna make it, Em. I know you will. You have to.” Dave couldn’t keep the tears away. They just kept falling, blurring his vision. He hastily wiped them away.
“Whatever happens, Dave, we can trust God in this.” Emma’s voice grew more and more hoarse.
Dave knew she was tiring out. “I bet Noelle wants to see her mama. She looks just like you, Em.”
Emma opened her eyes again and smiled as she looked on her daughter, so innocent and beautiful. “Can… can I hold her for a minute if you help me?”
“S-sure.” Dave gently laid the tiny bundle in Emma’s outstretched arms, keeping them up for support.
“Merry Christmas, Dave,” Emma said quietly as she kissed Noelle on the forehead.
“Merry Christmas, love.” Dave could tell Emma was weakening, so he took Noelle out of her arms. “Get some rest now. I’ll be here the entire time, okay? I won’t ever leave. I’m just going to take Noelle back to the nursery. Be right back.”
Emma nodded wearily, already drifting off to sleep.
Dave took Noelle back to the nursery, then hurried back to Emma’s room. Emma had fallen fast asleep again, and Dave took a seat next to her bed, held her hand gently. Lord, how can I live without her? It seemed from deep within his heart a little voice told him, “Trust me, My son. I am the Way, the Truth, and the LIFE. Emma’s life is in My hands.”
Only then did Dave realize the tears dripping down his face through his fingers, as he felt a calming peace wash over his body. Lord, I will trust you. Thank you for Your love and mercy. He then lay his head next to Emma’s and fell fast asleep.


Dave awoke with a startling realization that the room was now dark. Was it because the curtains were drawn over the windows? Or was it already night?
Uncurling from his position next to Emma, who was still sleeping, Dave stiffly got up and walked to the window. Yes, it was night. The Christmas lights shone brightly against the darkness of the streets. Emma would love to see this. He gently shook her and her eyes fluttered open.
“Em, I want you to see this. Look.” Dave opened the window’s drapes and took her hand as he sat down at the edge of her bed. “Isn’t it pretty?”
Emma nodded, tears filling her eyes. “I love you, Dave.” She began to shake with sobs as she crumpled into his arms. “I wish I didn’t have to leave you right now. Dave, please… please tell our baby about Jesus, and about this special day she was born on. Make sure she knows I loved her so much.” She touched his cheek. “I’m so thankful for our life we had together, Dave. I…I love you so much.”
Dave couldn’t stop the tears flowing down his cheeks and into her hair. “I will, Em. I will. I just wish it didn’t have to end so soon.”
“Don’t stop trusting God, Dave. I know He… had a plan for this. I love you.”
Dave swept her hair from her face. “I love you more than words can say.” He framed her face with his hands and kissed her. She sighed contentedly and then slipped into her Savior’s arms, the One Who had given His Son for her.
The funeral was held for Wednesday, two days after Christmas. Dave held Noelle, dressed in a little red dress, sleeping peacefully in his arms. “You look just like your mama, you know. I’ll always tell you about her, Noelle. She had a beautiful heart, and she… she loved you so much. She would have loved to see you grow up into a little girl, then a young woman. I know she’s proud of you already.”
Noelle opened her eyes sleepily and cooed. Sobs caught in his throat as he realized God’s gift to Him this Christmas was right in His very arms. A daughter who looked exactly like her mother. And I’m so thankful, God.


Thoughts? Lemme know what you thought in the comments, and I’m always open to alternative endings or ways I could have ended this better 🙂

Anyways, it’s only two days until Christmas! ah wow!

Merry Christmas, everyone 🙂



12DoC – Day 9 – Christmas Baking

Hello everyone!

Hope you all have been having a lovely time so far in the blog linkup. It’s day 9, which means only THREE more days until Christmas! What?!?!?!?!


Today I’m gonna be sharing some of my favorite Christmas baking, as well as the recipes for those. You really gotta try some of these things out 😉 Let’s get started, shall we?


  1. Famous Scottish Shortbread from Live the Adventure 
    • 2 cups butter, softened
    • 1 cup packed brown sugar
    • 4 to 4 ½ cups of all-purpose flour (we use healthier flour most of the time, such as kamut or spelt. Never heard of those? Not to worry! Other flour is just fine too :))

In a large bowl, cream butter and brown sugar until mixture is light and fluffy. (To “cream” really just means to mix together your butter and sugar. It’s a fancy culinary term. Now you know!)

Add in approximately 3 to 3 ¾ cups flour. Mix well. Place dough on a floured surface. Knead for 5 minutes; adding a little extra flour as you go to keep the dough soft.

Roll the dough until it is about one-half inch thick. Cut your dough into strips or use cookie cutters to make shapes you like. Prick each cookie with a fork.

Place each cookie one inch apart on ungreased baking sheets. Bake at 325° for 20-25 minutes or until cookies are lightly browned. This recipe will make approximately 4 dozen cookies.

OK, so I love shortbread cookies… you would have seen this last Friday when my younger sister baked some for our youth and um well there were some leftover, so I may have had more than one 😛 Anyway, they were really good, so you should try making them too if you like shortbread 😉


2) Gingersnaps! (from Allrecipes)

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
  2. Sift the flour, ginger, baking soda, cinnamon, and salt into a mixing bowl. Stir the mixture to blend evenly, and sift a second time into another bowl.
  3. Place the shortening into a mixing bowl and beat until creamy. Gradually beat in the white sugar. Beat in the egg, and dark molasses. Sift 1/3 of the flour mixture into the shortening mixture; stir to thoroughly blend. Sift in the remaining flour mixture, and mix together until a soft dough forms. Pinch off small amounts of dough and roll into 1 inch diameter balls between your hands. Roll each ball in the white sugar/cinnamon sugar, and place 2 inches apart on an ungreased baking sheet.
  4. Bake in preheated oven until the tops are rounded and slightly cracked, about 10 minutes. Cool cookies on a wire rack. Store in an air tight container.


There! These cookies are amazing, so so good, and I’ve made different variations of the recipes over the years but they’re all really good. You should try them too 😉


3. Pumpkin Bread from Once Upon a Chef

  • 2 cups all-purpose flour, spooned into measuring cup and leveled-off
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon ground cloves
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 1-1/2 sticks (3/4 cup) unsalted butter, softened
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 15-oz can 100% pure pumpkin 
  1. Preheat the oven to 325°F and set an oven rack in the middle position. Generously grease two 8 x 4-inch loaf pans with butter and dust with flour (alternatively, use a baking spray with flour in it, such as Pam with Flour or Baker’s Joy).
  2. In a medium bowl, combine the flour, salt, baking soda, baking powder, cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Whisk until well combined; set aside.
  3. In a large bowl of an electric mixer, beat the butter and sugar on medium speed until just blended. Add the eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition. Continue beating until very light and fluffy, a few minutes. Beat in the pumpkin. The mixture might look grainy and curdled at this point — that’s okay.
  4. Add the flour and mix on low speed until combined.
  5. Turn the batter into the prepared pans, dividing evenly, and bake for 65 – 75 minutes, or until a cake tester inserted into the center comes out clean. Let the loaves cool in the pans for about 10 minutes, then turn out onto a wire rack to cool completely.


This recipe is delicious! It’s not necessarily Christmas baking, but you could definitely do it for Christmas. 🙂


And I’ll leave it there for now with recipes. I gotta scoot, so cya all next time and Merry early Christmas! 🙂



12Doc – Day 8 – Collab Post

Hello everyone!

Welcome back as well as to the eighth day of the blog linkup! Have you been enjoying it so far? (I’m going to be posting twice today, cause… I’m a little behind xD you get a nice treat then – I hope xD) twelve

We have a special post today! I did a collaboration post with my dear friend, Blessing, so we had quite a bit of fun doing that! Hope y’all enjoy it! (by the way, my text is in the black, Blessing’s is in the red) Also, go check out Blessing’s post for today – it’s linked to this one 🙂




Hello everyone! Olivia and Blessing here. We’re really excited to do this collab post together for the 12 Twelve Days of Christmas Blog Linkup. Can you believe it’s only a week until Christmas, Blessing?


I know right? It’s crazy! But soooo excited, can’t wait! Also…hello everyone xD


Haha, hi 😉 So today we have a pretty cool post for all of y’all! Wanna give some more background on it, Blessing?


Hmm…well, it’d probably be good to start at the beginning 😉 Ok so! As some of you maaaay know from previous rants of mine on my blog about jamming with friends…Olivia and I along with some of our siblings very much so enjoy playing music together. Don’t you agree, Livs?


Definitely. We have a real blast just playing songs we’ve learned or found recently, and it works perfectly. This was the first time we’d all performed ‘as a band’ I guess you could say in front of quite a few people! It started when Blessing and I were talking one day… well, I’m sure the idea formed in your head already, so how did that idea come about?


Haha, well, last year my sisters and I played at our piano concert (if you would like to see this concert performance click here!) and apparently our piano teacher loved it so much, she asked if we would be interested in playing at the concert again. My sister and I were definitely for it and then we suddenly both had this idea that maybe we could “drag” the Nickersons into it with us. Makin’ memories, ya know? 😉


Haha, I don’t think it took a lot of convincing. We were pretty excited to do it! 😀


Yep. Y’all were eager beavers 😉 Anyway! Once we knew we all wanted to play together..we just had to get the more technical things figured out. But you know that saying, “Where there’s a will…there’s a way!”


Exactly! We spent a few days trying to get approval on both sides, all the while planning ahead for a big practicing day. Planning ahead is ALWAYS a good idea 😉


Mm hmm! Remember that group chat we came up with? I think we got awfully distracted with all those texts flying back and forth yet somehow we still managed to figure out driving and times and even a get together to practice. Apparently even though we homeschool we’re NOT as flexible as people might think 😛


It’s true, y’all. We’re all homeschooled and yet it took us a long time to finally figure out what day would work for all five of us. Here’s an example of us trying to figure out logistics:

“So, does Wednesday work for you guys?”
“Nope, sorry. We have youth.”

“Ooh right, ok! Um, does Monday work for you guys?”

“Ohhh, we have piano lessons.”

“Oh, riiiight! Does Thursday work for you guys?”

“Ahhh no, sorry! WE have youth 😦 “

“Well, does Tuesday work for you guys?”

“Well, we do have piano lessons, but we miiiight be able to fit it in…”

“Cool! Maybe we should try for Tuesday then. Or… does Saturday work?”


Oh yes and don’t forget trying to figure out what key to sing in…

“Soo, the key? Are we doing it in D or B?”

“Yeah, D is the better key to play in”

“But B is better to sing in”

“Ok…Wait what key are we in now? D??”

“How bout….let’s try it in both keys tomorrow. And see if we can sing the higher one or if we sound like we’re screeching. And if we’re all dyyyying, then we’ll do the lower one?”

“Have you tried Bm?”

“We tried many keys. Many. SO many”

“G minor”

“And A minor”

“And C minor”

“And C# minor”

“Pretty much a chromatic scale”

“I think we sang up the whole octave :P”

Aaaaaaand my brother, who also was the drummer for our little performance, was listening to all of us piano people and was pretty much like, “Um…I have NO idea what y’all are talking about.”


Anyways, with enough text messages (probably over 500)(might we even say 1000? :P) we were able to figure out the key and day to do our big practice 😀 Especially after we got parental approval, we were able to get them friends over to our house for the practice day. And what a day that was!


Also (mind if I peep in here) Practices in between were sliiiightly hard because we don’t exactly live the closest to each other xD And it was also a brand new song and we didn’t quite know how we were going to arrange it with all the instruments and voices and such…but we found a way around it didn’t we?


We sure did, thankfully. My siblings and I practiced the song at our house, and Blessing and her sister practiced it at their house, then we met at our youth group and did little five minute practices for a couple of weeks. As mentioned before, we planned a huge practicing session, where we got little technical things figured out as well as most of the song pretty well. So for the practicing session, Blessing and her two sisters came over right after our piano lessons was finished, and I think we got started on practicing pretty soon, right?

Weeeeelllll….pretty much yeah 😛 We DID take a walk before practice, but once we got back yep. Sat down and played. HARD xD


Sure did. I know that in between trying to figure parts, melodies, and harmonies, as well as drum beats out, we took a break and went downstairs to our basement, where Blessing played Anthem Lights and we all danced around and let our stiffness and whatever else was ailing us out. Oh yeah, I think we all were really tired too, so it helped to re-energize for a while xD


Haha yep! Had to shake all that tension out. And the cold in the basement was very helpful in waking us up.


Yes, plus it got pretty warm in the room where we had been practicing, so it was lovely to get some cool air! They left in the evening, and it had been a very productive day.


Indeedy! Very productive. We figured out solos and harmonies, and timing and chords, and notes between the fiddle and the whistle, and arrangement of the song (including adding our own personal touch with  the instrumental 😉 and we figured out this AWESOME cut too…AND we added a key change…yes, I’d say that was a very productive afternoon/evening!


After that, we had a few more little practices leading up to the big day then …. BAM! The day had arrived. I remember leading up to the big day, I was feeling somewhat ready, but also somewhat NOT READY. 😛 What about you?


Yep! Well, I think I was more excited than I was nervous, but I did feel a liiiitle nervous a couple minutes before we had to play.


I remember driving up, walking in the door to the church, and those butterflies, well, they took flight xD they were bouncing around in there a lot.


Aw haha! Did you see US bouncing up and down and waving at you when you drove up to the church? 😛


I’m not totally sure about that one, but I probably did, with my keen observation skills *winks* Yeah, especially a few minutes right before we started performing I got quite nervous, but once I started singing, I felt the nervousness fade a little bit, and that was awesome.


Ah yes. Her amazing singing. Blew everyone away, I’m telling ya! But let’s not jump ahead of ourselves 😉 SO we had to get to the church raaather early because we needed a soundcheck and we had also been invited to play at not one, but TWO concerts. So instead of just playing at the 11 o’clock concert, we also played at the 9 o’clock one. We had to be at the church for 8:30 am sooooo early morning. Ooh and hehe. The uh – singers were a liiiitle nervous because of sore throats and colds…


Hehe, riiiiight! Forgot about that. Most of us decided that it would be an amazing idea to get sick the week of the performance! I didn’t have it too bad, just a little bit sick, but my lovely friends over here, they got colds and sore throats. Aaaand the 8:30 soundcheck turned out to be an 8:51 soundcheck, so we had only nine minutes to soundcheck xD


Random fact, peoples, green tea with honey is amaaaazing. Tried it for the first time because apparently it helped with sore throats especially if you had to sing xD And it worked pretty well actually! And tastes SO good. And yeahhhh that soundcheck. That was kinda funny actually. But hey! It worked out. When the mic for the whistle was tested, I think we all just enjoyed the moment because the whistle was echoing soooo nicely in the church and had this – it was soooo beautiful! Haha yes, it WAS beautiful. Had this sort of enchanting feel to it. Oh! And remember when we played the chorus really quick and then apparently the sound lady or our piano teacher told y’all we could stop except that since I was facing away from the audience I didn’t see her? 😛


Did she really? I probably remember that, but I’m a little foggy right now xD Ok, now I remember it xD


Mm hmm. She did indeed. And you all stopped playing and singing…except for me xD But you know that sense you have when you can tell someone’s staring at you even though you can’t see them? That kicked in and I stopped playing/singing and turned…to see you all laughing at me 😛


Hehe! Sorryyy ‘bout that xD Well, you could say you got some extra sound check in then 😀 What was it like playing the piano and keeping it up throughout the entire song? Were you nervous?


It was fun! I was a little nervous after the soundcheck because I was getting some massive echo and so couldn’t really tell if I was playing on time or not. But apparently it was fine to you girls so yay! xD How did it feel like for YOU to be singing lead? Front and centre? 😉


Haha, well, it was a bit nerve racking. I could hear myself being projected throughout the entire room, which was a little interesting, but I also tried not to let my nerves get the best of me. Who needs to be nervous when God’s with you, and you are playing with friends and family? Also, I have no need to be afraid of the people out in the crowd, (preach it, sister! ;)) so I tried to smile and sing and it was a lot of fun!! I remember after we finished the first performance, I was so so excited and ready to perform again. (by the way, I’ve found that you don’t need to sing as hard into a microphone as you would normally have to if you’re singing around at home. Really it’s quite amazing.)


Haha yes! We don’t have a video of the first time we played but it was amazing and sooo much fun! *dances around in circles* (that was pretty much my reaction) Yessss, mine too. And then we took a picture in front of the Christmas tree 😛


*inserts a heart* I love the picture, and it’s such a special shot of the day with special memories! We sat down again to waiting for the next performance, which was at the end of the second concert, so we waited through many great songs the students played, and then we were up again! I didn’t feel as confident going into this performance, but it still went really well, as you can see from the video I posted yesterday. How did you feel going into the second performance?


I was still super excited! I mean, music is awesome and getting to play with your friends is just So. Much. Fun. It was definitely a blessing to be able to play TWICE that day. And I was also remembering how we had prayed before the first concert too – it was a great reminder to think that we were doing it for God’s glory and honour alone!


For sure! I think, despite some nerves, the praying really helped. It also helped to remember to do it for God’s glory, and to not worry about what others thought. It was an especially great opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus with others! When I actually thought about it like that, even while I was singing, it’s easier to bring down the nervousness and fear and whatever else and do it for the Lord instead. Plus it’s such an awesome feeling to be able to share the Good News with others, and through a song no less! It just shows us how we can be a witness to others even in little things.


Mm hmm!! In complete and total agreement with you 🙂 I think the one thing I really loved about the song was the chorus…after listening to it, the “He shall reign forevermore” just goes around and around in your head…like it’s on repeat. Or maybe that was just because we played it so often with practices and all? 😛


Haha! That’s very possible, but it could be both 😉 Either way, I think it’s still good for that line to go round and round in your head, even if you can’t get it out, it’s a good thing to be reminded of xD Ok, so if it’s in your head for like 10 hours straight, maybe try thinking something else, cause that will get very tiring xD (do not try this at home ;))


Yeahhhh…just a little. But still! It is just SO true…God WILL reign forevermore. And is there any greater news??


Nope! No, indeedy 😀 So after we finished the last performance, we bowed (it was more or less in sync too…that was AWESOME xD)and waited until the last part of the concert was over, then we went out into the hall thing, and ate some snacks, as well as watching our performance, which was recorded by Blessing’s dad.


Mm hmm! And that was the end of that very, very, VERY awesome morning.


Indeed it was! We hope you enjoyed this post! Hey, Blessing, how many days ‘till Christmas again? 😉


Ahhhhhhh…..FOUR MORE DAYS!!!!!!! *throws confetti* *dances* *throws more confetti*


That’s RIGHT!!! 😀 Yahooo!!!


Can’t wait! Anywaaayyy…thanks for sticking around for this rather lengthy post 😉 And don’t forget… He shall reign forevermore!!

Yes, everyone, don’t forget that!! And don’t forget to go to Faith’s blog for more posts in the blog linkup as well as checking out her amazing giveaway! Merry Christmas, folks! Cya next time!


Stay tuned for more posts! Tomorrow’s will be awesome – hopefully xD