Racing for Time//book tour//Last day//wrap up

Hey everyone *sighs* It’s the last day of the book tour!  But.. don’t stop visiting the awesome blogs of awesome people who have participated in this tour! 😉 The fun doesn’t end here. 😀rft-blog-graphic

And also the day of my birthday party, which you will possibly be seeing some more photos later this week. Today we will be having three people posting!

*Go to Emily’s blog for a book review!

*Go to Blessing’s blog for another book review!

*Go to Marrok’s blog for a book spotlight!

Make sure to click on these blogs to take a peek at what they wrote! 😀

And that about wraps up my book tour everyone… 😦

I want to thank my awesome friend, Blessing, who helped me organize this thing:

*Blessing’s blog! ❤

I also want to thank the people who participated in this! Thank you all SO SO much for helping spread the word about my book and for your honest and good reviews! 😀






Google 😉

Have a super wonderful awesome week everyone, and may God bless it!

If you’d like to check back on other posts people did, follow the tour….backwards! 😉

~ Tuesday ~ 
Go to Jesseca’s blog for a Book Review
Go to Blessing Counter’s blog for a Book Spotlight
~ Wednesday ~
Go to Faith’s blog for a Book Spotlight
Go to Blessing Counter’s blog for an Author Interview
~ Thursday ~ 
Go to Faith’s Blog for a Book Review
~ Friday ~ 
Go to Marrok’s blog for an Author Interview 
~ Saturday ~ 
Go to Emily’s blog for a Book Review
Go to Blessing Counter’s blog for a Book Review
Go to Marrok’s blog for a Book Spotlight 
Thank you all so so much!! 😀

4 thoughts on “Racing for Time//book tour//Last day//wrap up

  1. Huge congratulations to you on the release of your first book!! 😀 I really enjoyed taking part in the blog tour, Olivia. Best wishes and God bless! ❤


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